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Sharing The Virgin by Dani Nichole

Title: Sharing the Virgin
Series: Amberwood Affairs #1
Author: Dani Nichole
Genre: Erotica/New Adult
Release Date: February 23, 2017


Lexi Day is a virgin whom is only willing to lose it to one man – her long-time friend, Jessie Black. They’ve been friends for nearly ten years and she had given up hope of getting him in bed. But when her best friend Becca tells her that he wants her, she begins questioning what she is willing to do to get with the man of her dreams.

Jessie Black is not boyfriend material, so he did everything he could to stay away from his hot best friend. But when he finally gets the virgin beneath him, he doesn’t want to share.

 When these two get under the sheets things explode. But will the explosion be the end of their friendship? Or could it be the beginning of a very hot forever?

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Author Bio

Dani Nichole is two besties who decided to co-write under a pen name. Dani is new to writing, whilst Nichole is a published Author under her real name. Both are mothers, one is married, and one is single. They have a LOVE for smut romance and hope to let it shine with their own stories!

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Sharing The VirginSharing The Virgin by Dani Nichole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title:Sharing The Virgin
Author: Dani Nichole


I had some difficulties rating this novel - do i rate it on the potential i know it has or on my initial feel of it? So what i chose to do was skip entirely the heat factor and rate it on my personal belief that Dani Nichole's first release has the potential to be a great book, which is why i gave it a 4 star rating rather than a 3. Let me be quite honest and mention that when it comes to menages, i can be quite picky since i need to feel some sort of connection considering the nuances involved in a trio. While i loved the idea of the story - Lexi, a virgin, is more than ready to 'pop her cherry' and after finding out that one of her friends (that she's been attracted to for a while now) is more than a little interested in her, she puts herself out there. Together they try it all and even try out some of their secret fantasies.

Where did i have the most problems with Sharing The Virgin? While novellas have the chance of being too short for the type of story that is being presented, this one felt rushed and missed some of the connection between the character that I usually look forward to in any type of story. That being said, Dani Nichole has an amazing potential in writing gripping stories and i look forward to seeing the growth from her in her next releases.

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