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99 Souls by Gabriel Burn

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99 Souls by Gabriel Burns


Ninety-nine bodies have been found dead worldwide with “God is Blind”
burned into their torsos. And when Sarah Winslow’s eight-year-old son,
Brandon, is abducted by a man who bursts through her door in an explosion
of light, she is terrified that her son’s kidnapping will bring the total
to one hundred.

Reflecting on the man who took him, she realizes she’s up against something
more terrifying than a serial killer; she’s up against something
supernatural. Making matters worse, the police begin to suspect she may
have killed her son and be using the abduction story to cover it up. So
when they try to arrest her, she takes off on her own, desperate to find
Brandon before it’s too late.

But if Brandon was taken by something supernatural, then why? What does it
want? And how is his abduction connected to the “God is Blind” murders?
Those are just some of the answers Sarah will seek in her quest to find her

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Gabriel Burns has worked as a journalist and editor at Georgia
publications. He lives in Atlanta. This is his first book.


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