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A Daddy For Valentine's by Haley Monroe

Title - A Daddy for Valentine's: A DD/LG Romance
Author - Haley Monroe 
Genre - Erotic/BDSM
Release Date - January 31, 2017 Kindle Unlimited - Available 99 cents

My entire life, I have been one of those girls who falls head first into love with every bad boy, no-good-for-me, asshole that’s willing to give me the time of day. By twenty-eight, I couldn’t even count the number of times I’d fallen in love and landed on my face. So many times, that I’d probably never be able to find all the pieces of my shattered heart again.  I gave up trying and began dating the “right type” of guy, the “safe” type of guy, but it ended like a sad joke that left no one laughing. Especially not my sister Steph, who had been bugging me to try a relationship like hers.
A BDSM type of relationship. 
The acronym alone scared me spitless. I didn’t think I could ever be strong enough to give my submission to anyone, let alone the stranger that Steph’s Dom wanted to set me up on a blind date with. Until they sprung a double date on me and I found that the stranger wasn’t a stranger at all. 
Could Reed Daniels be the right Doctor/Daddy Dom to stitch my heart back together?

**Content Warning** 
A Daddy for Valentine's, CONTAINS DEPICTIONS OF THE DD/lg (D*DDY DOM, LITTLE GIRL) LIFESTYLE. NO CHARACTERS ENGAGED IN SEXUAL ACTS ARE RELATED, BIOLOGICALLY OR LEGALLY. The story includes lots of playful submission and other BDSM games. Anal play, spankings, and other forms of sexual discipline fill these pages. If any of these subjects, make you uncomfortable please stop here.

“This was a fantastic little novella. Smokin' Hot. . . Yummy DADDY kink.” ~Between the Bookends
“Holy smoking kindle panties!!  I'm on fire after reading this amazing Valentine's novella!” ~Candy Box
“Hot, steamy, panty melting yet loving and sweet all within the same book.” ~Krystal Amora Book Reviews

Haley Monroe is a twenty-eight-year-old, little girl at heart and currently lives in New England with her daughter and two dogs. She’s been happily married to her husband for nine incredible years and counting! Haley began writing short stories as a child and found a passion for words at an early age. She enjoys weaving panty wetting stories that’ll keep you turning the pages for more.
Haley loves filthy mouthed Dominants and sweet, sassy Little girls who can’t help but let their inner brat out! She hopes you enjoy every dirty word!


A Daddy for Valentine's by Haley Monroe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: A Daddy For Valentine’s
Author: Hayley Monroe

You know how some authors you hope get better with every release that they write and publish? I know for a fact that Haley Monroe is that kind of author. Her first release, A Daddy For Christmas, had given me the warm fuzzies. The kind that makes you smile, giggle like a schoolgirl and want to hope for a sunny day to brighten up your day. A Daddy For Valentine’s however, gave me the warm sexy fuzzies- the kind that made me want to believe that men like Reed will come and pick my butt off the ground after falling flat on my face. I won’t say ‘make me wish they exist’, because I know they do…. I just haven’t had a chance to meet him face to face. Anyways… Jemma has the perfect opportunity to find a man like her sister Steph does: a man that will be able to show her what pleasure is, to show her the ropes to the BDSM lifestyle that she believes is the key to  unlocking whatever is the problem to her not getting off - alright, so maybe i’m paraphrasing here, but I think you get my drift, right? The problem? The pesky ex boyfriend of hers just can’t seem to understand what a breakup means and will stop at nothing to getting her back..

The way that this romance progresses gave me shivers. I loved seeing them interact. Yes, it’s a fast and whirlwind, the true instant love kind of relationship, but from the very beginning, readers suspect it will be considering that Jemma admits that she falls in love rather quickly with the men she’s with. However, Haley Monroe writes it in a way that I can believe it. The lifestyle that they have is one that makes sense - the stigma that follows the Daddy Dom/little girl relationship is really strong but the author does an amazing job on raising many of the things that troubles so many about it: diaper play, pacifiers, etc., and answers those questions quite simply: you take what you want of the lifestyle, make it work for you and the rest doesn’t matter (which, I have to say, I loved). I fell in love with Haley Monroe’s style of writing, and I know that if she keeps her stories fresh, as she has done so far, that the possibilities will be endless on what she will come up with next.

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