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Heart Of Gold by Frankie Love

Title: Heart of Gold
Author: Frankie Love
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 2, 2017


“I need you, Ava Grace. I need you now.”

 My past keeps me from opening up to anyone.
And I like it that way. It’s safe, and no one ends up hurt.
Then I meet Ava Grace. She makes me believe in love for the first time in my life.
But giving someone my heart is fucking terrifying, and when she finds out the truth of who I really am … she may walk away forever.
She wears her heart on her sleeve, and when she falls, she falls hard.
I need to be the man to catch her.
Dear Reader,
This Valentine’s romance features a rugged mountain man and a glittering girl. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but a man with a heart of gold is better than a shiny ring. In the vein of You’ve Got Mail, this filthy-sweet love story is going to make you believe in true love and HEA’s.  

 xo, frankie

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Frankie Love writes sexy stories about bad boys and mountain men.

 ❤Get ready to fall in love ... you deserve it!❤

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Heart Of Gold Heart Of Gold by Frankie Love
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Heart Of Gold
Author: Frankie Love


I've read quite a few books from Frankie Love's Mountain Men series, and Heart Of Gold was the surprise. There was something different about Samson and Ava's story that had me captivated from the very beginning; he wasn't looking for a wife or a family, but rather a good time with a woman, and while Ava was a hopeless romantic at heart, she was still believable, wanting to find that special someone. She wasn't a virgin, she wasn't under the assumption that a family or a baby was the payout and she was a realist. Having met at their sibling's engagement party, the two were just as imperfect separately as they were together - they had completely different tastes in things (Ava likes pink and Samson likes natural colors), they have different personalities (Ava is bubbly while Samson is calm and collected), but they also work together - his strength became her ancor and her nature made him see that there is more than fear.


Of all the Mountain Men novels i've read so far, Heart Of Gold is my favourite - these two work and they also don't... if that makes any sense. I loved how it wasn't love at first sight, but lust. But most of all, i loved how the story flowed much better than the others (there wasn't any of the forced dialogue that felt awkward, or a too fast paced story). It was the surprise that i didn't expect and I can't wait to find out how Frankie Love is going to top Heart Of Gold with the next novel in the series - i'll be looking forward to finding out if i'll be just as entranced.

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