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One Special Love by Abby Gale & Sienna Grant

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One Special Love
Abby Gale & Sienna Grant
Release Date: March 28th

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My life stopped when I lost the love of my love before we even had the
chance to begin. But now my heart has found another reason to start


He’s a walking contradiction. One minute he’s rude and cold, the next,
caring and passionate. He enters my life and steals my heart with his
deeply ingrained scars.
Can he let go of the ghost from his past and let me in?


This isn’t my story; I’m just the spectator in the background. And I’m

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What the fuck is he doing here?
Taking a deep, shaky breath, I open the door to a tall, brooding, figure of
a man. His look is smouldering as he takes me in. He doesn’t say anything
just looks, his eyes flit all across my face, from my mouth to my eyes as
he did the night before, then steps forward cautiously.
“Acacia,” Ashton breathes my name, all the emotion I’ve been feeling comes
bubbling up to the surface, like a volcano ready to erupt.
He reaches out his hand, I watch as his fingers reach my face, he cups my
cheek and strokes my cheek with the pad of his thumb tenderly, I lean into
his big hand as the feelings I have overcome me and the tears start to well
in my eyes, he’s so confusing. “I had to come, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t
think. I needed to see you.” His words are slurry, I know he is drunk.
“Ashton, you’re drunk,” I murmur even though all I want is to kiss him.
“Yes, because of you!” he snaps.
His body is flushed to mine. Our lips are only inches apart as he looks at
me with lust and anger.
“What are you doing to me?” he hisses.
“Nothing,” I whisper.
“You complicate my life. You mess with my mind,” he growls. “You’re making
me forget her!” He hits his fist onto the wall right next to my head,
making me jump.
“Then let me go,” I whisper again.
“But I don’t want you to go. You’re doing something to me, something I
can’t explain, but you’re making me feel alive like I didn’t die with her
that day… I want you in my life.” His voice was soft and intense. I know he
is talking with his heart and soul.
A feeling in my stomach like butterflies starts to flutter around as he
leans toward me. He uses his other hand to cup my neck and his thumb goes
under my chin as he tips my head back a little, his fingers tangle into my
hair at the back of my neck as his he inches his mouth closer to mine. He
stops merely millimeters from me until I can feel his breath on my face.
“But I hate you for making everything so hard for me!” he hisses.
“And I hate you because of this back and forth!” I snap at him. Before I
can take a breathe or think this could be wrong, Ashton crashes his lips to
mine. I moan loudly with the mixed sensations of shock and lust. He roughly
increases the pressure against my lips until I push back against him, my
hands go to his hair and I roughly pull him closer, making him groan with
pain. His tongue seeks entrance to my mouth, licking, biting, and sucking
till I open up a little for him. His tongue finds mine, owning me and
tangling in desperation I match him, giving him back just as much. Every
feeling I’ve had for him over the last couple of days, wow how has it only
been days, I feel like I met him so much longer than a few days ago.
Sadness, anger, confusion, lust, it all goes into this one kiss, I may
never get this chance again. I place my one hand on his face, feeling
through his beard remembering how it felt on my finger tips the last time I
got this close to him.
He pulls his lips from mine, moving his mouth to my neck and continues his
rough kisses. I know he will stop any second in regret, if not now he will
regret it in the morning. The thought pains me, “I hate you,” I whisper
even though it’s total opposite of my feelings.
Ashton lifts his head and smiles at me before catching my lips for another
intense kiss. His tongue almost fights with mine for domination desperately
and I surrender to him. Finally, he stops to look at me. A tear makes its
way steadily down my cheek until it hits his thumb and he wipes it away.
“I hate you,” he whispers with a smile on his face. Pushing the hair from
my face he leans down to kiss my forehead. I melt into his arms as he holds
me close and realise in that moment that I need him more than my next
breath and I’m irrevocably in love with Ashton Kennedy, but instead I
whisper, “I hate you, too.”

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