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Trapped by Shannon Youngblood

Title: TRAPPED: Her Love Story
Author: Shannon Youngblood
Genre: Dark Erotic Suspense
Release Date: March 23, 2017


Trapped in their basement.
Raped. Beaten. Broken.
All I have left is my sanity.
Preston stole my name and my body.
Paxton stole my heart.
Existing only for him.
Don't make me walk away.

***As if it wasn't clear enough, there are TRIGGERS in this book, and if you are not over 18, or cannot handle subjects such as violence, kidnapping and rape, this is NOT the book for you***  

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The fact I am wearing no clothes should frighten me. The vulnerability most ordinary people have when naked and exposed to the world is an emotion I’m not accustomed to any longer. Preston made sure of it, just as he had made sure I was properly trained, properly mannered, and properly subservient to only him. You would think forty-five degrees without a scrap of material to cover my raw flesh would cripple me. You would believe that, but you would be wrong.
As every car passes me by, I do what I’ve done for the past sixteen months, two weeks, three days, and four hours. I count. I count the number of cars, the number of trucks, the number of vans. I count the red ones, the green ones, the black ones, and the silver ones. I notice every passenger. The brunettes, the blondes, the red heads, and the balding. I count them all. Just as Preston taught me, and
although he’s driven away, and I don’t know if I will ever see him again, I know without a doubt I use to follow his rules. If I fail, he won’t love me back, and if he doesn’t love me back, I will die. And although death will afford me the peace I’ve dreamed about for nearly two years, I cringe knowing no one will mourn the loss of the nameless, soulless girl who fell for the man that broke her.

Meet The Author- Shannon Youngblood

Youngblood is a thirty-something self-proclaimed foul mouthed erotic
suspense author, who specializes in deeply gratifying, nail biting,
bdsm and other taboo subjects. Although she would love to classify
herself as a “romance” author, and her books do focus HEAVILY and
PREDOMINANTLY on the love story at hand, most of her books seem to
end in destruction. But don’t despair, readers! Shannon does
provide a plethora of HEA books for you to read if nitty-gritty isn’t
your cup of tea.
lives in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan with her cranky, yet super
passionate, husband Vaughn, and her two ham-hock dachshunds- Emma and
Jasper. She has a desk job during the week and is on two bowling
leagues. If she isn’t writing, blogging, reading, bowling, working,
providing PR services to other authors, or making covers on a budget,
you can find her snuggled in bed with her CPAP machine of life. She
loves chocolate, peanut butter, and carbs (although she’s really
trying to quit them).
Shannon isn’t 100% sure what subgenre of the romance world she
plans on taking over and Dominating in the coming years, she knows
that without her friends, family, and more importantly, her readers,
she couldn’t do it without them! She loves everyone fiercely and
protects everyone she loves.
talk to Shannon? Check her out in the avenues below! She loves
interacting with readers, fans, and generally otherwise chill-ass
people! Assholes need not apply ;)

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Trapped: Her Love Story Trapped: Her Love Story by Shannon Youngblood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: Trapped
Author: Shannon Youngblood

**PSA~ for this Goodreads review, there might be some excessive swearing which will be edited for the Amazon review**

Holy mother of hell! I've read read novels by Shannon Youngblood before, but nothing will compare to Trapped. I fucking loved it! Yes, I swore, which is incredibly rare, or at least, I try not too so that I don't have to pg myself later on, but I believe that this review warrants it. It's not your conventional romance story, or dark romance for that matter, so you HAVE to go in expecting EVERYTHING and NOTHING. I know this author has a huge penchant for non-HEAs and I promise you, I swore at the end because, not from a lack of HEA (in a sort of sadistic way, I did get one), but because I still had some questions. Questions I created for myself, not because there was any created from the story itself.

She has no name- or rather, she did, but it was no longer useful or needed considering her current predicament. For too long she's been homeless and continuously wondering where her next meal will come from until she wakes up in a room blindfolded. Her only indications are that she is to become the perfect slave, with no name other than the one that they will give her, to follow every single command that is given to her unless she wants to go through the worst kind of punishments. Her only saving grace from the training that Preston is handing her is his twin brother's, Paxton, aftercare that takes care of the physical damage his brother dolls out while healing her mind.

Don't be fooled by the short 'blurbish resume' of the book I just wrote out. It's not a completely beautiful story ~ yes, there are parts that gave me the awe inspiring mente, but all in all, Trapped forces you to actively pay attention at how much a human being can be put through and still SURVIVE. She survived and she excelled at so many things that I couldn't help but be impressed by the girl that Paxton named Wendy Darling. Many of the punishments she went through made me cringe ~ I believe that this girl explained it perfectly - Preston is unhinged .

So yes, beware when picking up this book, chances are that for many, this will be riddled with triggers. Go in expecting nothing and everything and I assure you that you WILL absolutely love just how Shannon Youngblood took this story and pushed the boundaries of your mind, brought her characters to life and then make you scream out in surprise and then frustration. Trapped has certainly made it in my top3 books (and I'm VERY picky when it comes to giving my books the topXX rating) and for all the reasons that many will see as incredibly wrong, I fucking LOVED this novel and can't wait to read it again and again, and even more from Shannon Youngblood very, very soon.

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