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Girl by Cordelia Michelsen

Girl: The Binding Series Book 2

By Cordelia Michelsen

BWWM Paranormal Erotic Romance

Release Date: March 15, 2017

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You’ve just woken from a nap, on a plane. Your memories have been erased, your identity is gone, and you have no idea where you are or, most importantly, why you are there. This is what has happened to Girl as her story begins to unfold.

When the woman with no name lands in New Orleans, a city of witches who live among common people, she finds herself suddenly in the middle of love, war, unearthly powers and, most dangerously, these witches' desires. The Journes and the de la Fosses are the most powerful of these families of witches in New Orleans and they have despised each other for centuries.
But now, both are being mysteriously drawn to Girl by their fascination with her, and hers with them. While one family embraces her and takes her in like a lost cousin, soothing their painful memories of a loved one who long ago disappeared, their rivals intend to claim Girl as their own.
What is it about Girl, the amnesia-stricken stranger, that so attracts them both? Little do they know that she carries within her the key to their future. Find out Girl’s fate, and theirs, in Girl: Book Two of The Binding Series.

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Meet the Author: Cordelia Michelsen

Hello Lovers & Lusters! Cordelia Michelsen here!

Thought I would tell you a little about me.

I am a BWWM romance novelist. However, I am currently working on my first paranormal dark romance series. Genre-hopping excites me!
I hail from upstate New York (* that very small town in “Still Life”).
First and foremost I am the mother of three crazy kids, ages eighteen,eight,and three. So between football, dance, and Mickey Mouse, there is never a dull moment. I have an amazing husband; I refer to him as Superman because not only does he put up with my wild imagination he also edits my books and makes some kickass chili. Did I mention he also plays stand-up bass?
I began writing seriously last year, so I am still a baby at this and I hope you'll bear with me. I have always been a creative person, though. I did theater for years and I was a singer as well.
I have always had a love for writing but would never finish anything I wrote! So my first book, “The Kings' Inheritance” was actually more of a challenge and a goal for myself that I was determined to follow through with. But then I wasn't done, so three months later, on my 40th birthday (mmhmm thats right, I am 40 and Fabulous) I released my second book, “Still Life”. Over the summer I worked on another project! An anthology! “The Where Love May Find You Collection”. Since then , I have started my next project, The Binding Series. As long as there are imaginary people hanging out in my head waiting for their story to be written I will keep writing.
Other than writing, my other passions include baking, gel manicures, anything and everything Coach, Jax Teller, Dean Winchester, and Damon Salvatore.


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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Girl
Author: Cordelia Michelsen

I haven't read a paranormal novel based on witches in a very long time, in part because I've been too busy catching up on other genres and in other parts because it's so hard to find a good PNR with a storyline about witches that will absolutely captivate me to hold my attention until the very end of the book. The Binding series was my first taste of what Cordelia Michelsen has to offer and I have to say that Girl was... astounding. The story about a girl who wakes up in a plane with absolutely no memory of who she is, is taken in by witches who claim to be her family, treating her as such. She is important to these witches, but isn't sure why nor how she can be without any idea of who or what she is, making trust a difficult thing to do.

The suspense, the intrigue and the mystery behind what happened to this witch kept me enchanted in Cordelia Michelsen's story. I was enraptured and couldn't wait to find out more. Although different from the first instalment of her series, Girl was nothing like I expected and that was more than I could have wanted. I truly hope the Cordelia Michelsen keeps writing more books like these because they are nothing like I have seen so far and they truly are something to behold and is completely worth reading more than once and see if you missed something the first time around.

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