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Pleasing The Professor by Deliaria Davis & Janae Keyes

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Pleasing the Professor
By Deliaria Davis and Janae Keyes
An Erotic Interracial Love Story
Release Date: March 3, 2017
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Professor Ramsey Kendall knows he has to have American exchange student, Dora Monroe, from the moment he lays eyes on her. Everything about her sends his primal instincts out of control.
Dora Monroe is running away from humiliation and shame. Studying abroad seems to be her only escape from a grim reality.
The moment her eyes meet those of her Professor, she knows their connection is magnetic.
Risking it all for intense moments of pleasurable bliss, Dora is willing to learn all she needs to please the professor.
WARNING: Book contains scenes of explicit sexual situations and BDSM.

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“You’ve already given me two rides today,” she told me, looking up with those intoxicating eyes of hers. They were full of passion, and it took everything in me not to ask her to return the favor, as I pictured her riding me in the front seat of the car. Her hot pink bra and gorgeous mocha tits pressed against my face as she took me hard and fast.
“Mmmhmm.” I had only just met her and Dora already had a hold on my libido that was more intense than anyone else ever had.
I couldn’t stop myself from reaching out to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear as I stared at her more. As my fingers brushed her cheek, her demeanor changed. Her lips parted slightly, her eyes glazing over, her breath shallow. I jerked my hand back and shifted in my seat, to break the tension between us, and hide the problem growing in my pants. I had never been so glad for loose fitting trousers, as I had been today.
“I’m sure traveling has been hard on your body. You should head up and get some sleep. I’ll see you in class in the morning,” I growled looking around her at the darkening building, lights beginning to flicker on in the rooms. She had pulled out my Dom voice. I was surprised with myself, but knew better than to show it and kept a controlled look on my face.
Thankfully, she followed my directions without hesitation, nor question. “I will, goodnight, Professor,” she said as she backed out of my car, shutting the door. I waved absently as I slammed the car into first then second, trying to get away from Dora as quickly as possible. That girl was poison, and I wasn’t going to need Bell Biv DeVoe to tell me that. I could already feel her running through my veins.
She was lucky though that she had found me tonight. Or it could have been fate. Who was I to judge what it was that had brought us together? The only reason that I was even at O’Neill’s is because today was my birthday, and I was treating myself to a night out.
It was something I didn’t get to do very often since I had been disinherited and cut off from my family.  Not that that bothered me, I had hated growing up in that house. My parents were so full of themselves that they couldn’t even see the world around themselves, Much less in front of their door.
I started to relax as I sped along the curvy road back to my home, the second time today no less, for a cold shower. This time, though, I didn’t have a class to rush back for, so I could savour this shower.
I pulled into my drive, turned my beater off and took a deep breath. Dora's scent instantly filled my lungs. Her floral, fruity smell was invading my nostrils,  I sprung to life again, my cock hardening in a flash. I had two choices here, and neither of them benefited me. One, I could whack off in my car, which might get the police called. Or, I could hold my head high, adjust myself again, and walk - bolt - into my house.

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What people are already saying!
“This was a different kind of D/S book. it was originally plotted, amazing writing, and a great pace. I can't think of anything I don't like!”
-2 One Click Chicks

“A kinky forbidden romance, with a British professor? Yes, please! Get ready to enter the playroom with Dora as she explores what it means to be a sub and learns what it really means to be hot for teacher.”
-Author Courtney Cannon

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Meet the authors!

Janae Keyes

Janae was born and raised in the California Bay Area. She grew up a very creative only child and has been writing for as long as she can remember.
Janae accidentally met her now husband online, and a whirlwind romance began because of their mutual love of Harry Potter. After dating long distance, Janae picked up her life in California and moved halfway around the world to Belgium to be with him, all in the life of a hopeless romantic.
When Janae isn’t being bossed around by her toddler, she is working on new ideas and working to improve her craft. Janae is currently living in a suburb of Brussels, Belgium with her husband and daughter.

Deliaria Davis
Del is a mother of five amazing children, who married the love of her life on Halloween 11 years ago. They have 2 cats and one fish and enjoy spending time together as a family. She enjoys writing all sorts of books and stories and currently has about 9 projects that she is working on when she isn't busy homeschooling her autistic son, or helping her youngest son with therapy.

She misses the mountains and snow of the only true place she calls home; Alaska. Del currently lives in Spokane, WA with her family and plans to live there until she becomes rich and famous through her writing and can afford to move back to Alaska.

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Pleasing The Professor Pleasing The Professor by Janae Keyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title:Pleasing the Professor
Author:Janae Keyes & Deliaria Davis


I've added teacher/student genre novels into my guilty pleasure list and the author duo behind Pleasing The Professor absolutely held nothing back from their readers. Being the first time I've read a novel from either Janae Keyes or Deliaria Davis, I loved to see how they told the story of Professor Ramsay and exchange student Dora on the run of painful past where studying abroad seems like the only option for the young woman. Since the moment they meet, the two are barely able to keep away from one another until they simply give in to what their attraction has demanded since the very beginning.

This book surprised me - it had so many different elements that I never expected such as history, BDSM, pain, suffering, mystery and love, and yet these two authors made it work incredibly well. My curiosity for Ramsay and Dora had me wanting to read faster and as often as I could, absolutely captivating me as much as watching their relationship unfurl. Bravo to both Janae Keyes and Deliaria Davis - I can't wait to read more from them in the future!

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