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Scandal by Isabella Starling & Piper Hart

Title: Scandal
Authors: Isabella Starling & Piper Hart 
Genre: Romance


Everyone’s got secrets.

Dirty little secrets.

But not like this. 

Chloe Carlyle is totally off-limits. The one girl I can’t touch. Her mother is about to marry my dad, her father is in prison for murdering my mom…and I want her more than anything. Yeah, I never said this wasn’t fucked up.

And things are about to get a whole lot more fucked up.

This town has seen a lot of scandals, but this one’s gonna blow them all out of the water…


A town like Claremont Bay is used to sinful scandal, but this latest one has shaken everyone to the core. My father has been accused of murdering his mistress, and my mother is marrying the man who put him in prison—Robert St Clair. Despite how messed up that is, it's not Robert I'm worried about. It's his son.

Asher St Clair.

He’s insufferable. Intoxicating. Impossibly handsome. 

I can’t fall for him. Can’t let him get under my skin. I have bigger things to worry about, like my father’s innocence. I’m the only one who believes he didn't kill that woman.

So who did?

The answer may lie closer to home than I know…

Isabella Starling started out as a voracious reader of dark romance, and has since evolved her love of reading into writing dark, twisted romantic tales. When not spending time with her boyfriend, two cats & a Labrador pup, she's chatting away to author friends and plotting her next release.

Besides reading and writing, Isabella is a fan of photography and graphic design, and writes a beauty blog in her spare time. Obsessed with the next big project she wants to work on, she can always be found perusing the web for ideas and inspiration. Isabella's dream is to reach as many readers as possible and make them feel all kinds of emotions when they read her books - from fear to love and affection, just like the characters in her books.

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Scandal (A Dirty Money Novel)Scandal by Isabella Starling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: Scandal
Author: Isabella Starling & Piper Hart


I don't think anything could have prepared me for what this author duo had in mind when they came up with Scandal. When the daughter of a murderer meets the son of the lawyer whose team was responsible for convicting him of the crime, i thought that was pretty much the extent of the major surprises i would come across. Boy was i wrong. So very horribly wrong. Since the entire novel is based on twists and turns that you need to pay attention to so you can figure out exactly what happened and why - trust me, it'll all be worth it in the end, i'm not going to say much more about the plot and what happens.

4.5 sexy dreams

Of course, as i've come to absolutely hope and enjoy from any of Isabella Starling's novels and collaboration, the chemistry between these characters is hot. Like smoldering, i need a cold shower hot. I loved how they were flawed, angry, confused and more than willing to change when they realized that was to be gained at the end. And trust me, it's all completely worth reading because you'll know you'll want to keep reading until more from this series (and i truly hope it's not the end) becomes available. Absolutely loved Scandal and can't wait for more!

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