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Penalty by Jacob Chance

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Title: Penalty
Author: Jacob Chance
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: May 12, 2017
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He’s the bad boy quarterback of Boston University's football team. As the
son of a former NFL player, he’s showered with attention and praise
twenty-four-seven. One flash of his smile and all the girls fall at his
feet - or should I say to their knees?
And then there’s me.
Brady Lincoln is the last person I want attention from. He’s the kind of
guy my father warned me about. His play on the field is legendary and his
play with the ladies, even more so. I’ve managed to stay off his radar
until recently.
What happens when the cocky quarterback breaks all the rules to win my

Jacob Chance grew up in New England. He’s a martial artist, a football fan,
a practical joker and junk food lover.
An author of erotic thrillers, he plans to write many more sexy,
suspenseful stories.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Penalty
Author: Jacob Chance


I love the Chance brothers- I really enjoy how they write, how their collaborations are always different from their solo works and I especially enjoy when they go out of their usual genes to bring you something completely different. Jacob Chance is known for his romantic suspense novels, the kind that will draw you in and make you gasp in surprise because you never saw that part coming until it's too late. So of course when I heard he was coming out with Penalty, a sports romance, I was more than a little curious. I needed to know what and how he'd create this new university setting with a football star and the girl who wants nothing from him.


To say that this was a trip is an understatement. I really liked this story, it being completely different from what I'm used to reading from Jacob Chance and I can't wait to see if he'll be able to write more in this genre. It's the type of story that shows you that opposites do attract and that nothing is ever as simple as black and white. Now it seems that I have to impatiently wait to find out what else this author has in store for his readers and I, for one, am looking quite forward to it.

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