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Unravel by Gisele St. Claire

Title: Unravel 
Author: Gisele St. Claire 

Mr. Vance
My eyes raked over her. The temporary bartender brought into my office because she’d seen the virgin auction room. I took in her 
delicious curves and knew I needed to have her. Except, I would never see her again after tonight. But, I always get what I want, 
I'm the owner of Club V and I will unravel her in ways she's never experienced. I can barely wait to touch and lick every curve of her virgin body. 

I assumed the auction room at Club V was just a rumor. Until I walked into the wrong room. I feared being fired but when the guard 
brought me to Mr. Vance I was instantly a hot mess. He was gorgeous, arrogant, cocky even and I couldn't take my eyes off the very naked woman 
wearing a diamond collar standing beside him. The look of lust and sex on her face as he played with her and then the way he watched me, 
teasing. But, I’d never have to see him again after tonight.
That is until fate changed everything... God help me!

If cocky men, virgins and angst are your thing read on..

If you're into quick, hot and sexy erotica romance with a twist then you've found the right gal!
 I love staying up late and watching my characters come to life on paper.

Unravel Unravel by Gisele St. Claire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Unravel
Author: Gisele St. Claire

So this is the second book I've read written by Gisele St. Claire and for the second time, i'm enoying her stories. Although completely different from her debut novel, Beg Me, Unravel took a deeper look into what i can only surmise as this author's idea of what a BDSM club with a twist is like. It takes on the subject of submissives for hire (entirely separate from the wait staff) and fully trained, scenes and the dark nature of virginity auctions. When Samara stumbles upon one, she never expected to truly understand why the women do it until tragedy strikes her family and she needs to find money and fast, putting up the only thing she has left of worth to Club V.

While i was enchanted by the premise and the idea behind Unravel, i still wish there was more, and i believe that is largely because of the length of the book. There were so many aspects that were delved into that i know it would have been better developed with more details. That's not to say that i hated this book, because that couldn't be further from the truth, but i was left with that feeling of wanting more...

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