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Dream Daddy by Emilia Beaumont

Title: Dream Daddy (A Daddy's Best Friend Romance)
Author: Emilia Beaumont 
Genre: Romance 

Untouched and unmarked by the world, Lola Ray is the sunshine that I never thought I needed in my life. She’s the perfect petal on a cherry blossom tree aching to be plucked and pillaged.

I long to touch her, to make her mine. To tie her up and fuck her. I know it's wrong... she is after all my best friend's daughter.

But as I look closer, as I start to give in to temptation, I begin to see the scars she's so desperate to hide.

They run deep. Like an abyss she cannot escape. A nightmare that never ends. Scars so raw that I’m not sure she can ever be healed.

However there is one thing that I know has the chance to make her whole again. And I won’t stop until all her dreams come true.

Emilia Beaumont is a full-time writer, originally hailing from England, living in the South of Ireland with her husband and a house full of cats. Surrounded by peaceful emerald fields she always has a pen and notebook to hand ready for when the next saucy idea strikes. Emilia is also an avid comic-book reader, and a wildlife advocate.

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Dream Daddy Dream Daddy by Emilia Beaumont
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Dream Daddy
Author: Emilia Beaumont

Dd/lg genre novels are coming more and more popular, and i try to read as many as possible because no matter what, the social stigma always comes into play and takes away the beautiful side of this type of relationship. Also, good and even amazing books describing these relationships are very difficult to find since most often than not, you have many depicting the many kinks that are from one extreme to another which usually turns so many off, fueling the stigma. Emilia Beaumont's Dream Daddy tells the story of Lola Ray and Mack, Lola Ray's father's best friend. And i do use that last term very loosely - the two men used to be football mates in high school until Mack tried to protect someone he loved and landed in jail. Once he was released, he returned home and found out that only one person would give him a hand in starting life once again, Lola's father. Every sunday Mack would make his way to their home and watch the game until Lola Ray decided to take matters in her own hands and tempt the man into taking what she's reserved just for him: her virginity.

Their relationship is very steamy and sexy... there's no denying that one single bit. Lola Ray happens to be everything that i never thought she would be: devious, strong, seductive and so very much in need of a hero that Mack is the only man to fit the bill. There were many surprises that i never expected, which fueled my curiosity in finding out what would happen between these two lovers especially considering everything that they have to go through and everything that is working to keep them separated. As much as my curiosity was at an all time high, there were still parts that kept me so confused, keeping from truly loving this book and that is mostly from too many polar opposites in one person: one moment Lola Ray is the reserved, shy and reluctant, and the next moment she's manipulative, devious and the seductress waiting to catch her man. Mack, on the other hand, seemed to be too reserved and too on the outsides, not rising to the full potential of what i would have expected from him. There were so many moments when he could have done more, but he didn't, afraid of what would happen to him on the side of justice. It left me wanting. Maybe for something more. I'm not even sure at this point, but i'm still sure that there is so much more that Emilia Beaumont has to offer and i'm sure that i'll be looking forward to reading more from her in the future.

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