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Kiss And Makeup Series by Sara Ney


We are so thrilled to share the details about Sara Ney's KISS AND MAKE UP series, which is officially relaunching today with stunning new covers! You can read all three books in this YA/NA series for free with Kindle Unlimited now - check out the covers below and pick them up today!

KiC Amazon

About KISSING IN CARS (Kiss and Make Up, Book 1)

This novel, along with all others in this series, is a standalone with no cliffhanger. You're welcome.
Studious and (mostly) sensible, the only thing Molly Wakefield wants to do is get through Senior Year and graduate. Well, that and hit the beach in her spare time. Okay, fine - and go shopping every once in a while for a new dress... (and who could blame her?)
And things are going according to plan - until the day she spies Weston McGrath, handsome star athlete and scholar, spying on her in study hall.
A tad creepy? Maybe.
Thrilling? Absolutely.
You see, Weston McGrath happens to be one guy no one can get close to.
Despite her best efforts to avoid it (because let's face it - the guy isn't exactly "boyfriend material") Molly and Weston form a friendship.
And more....
Sort of.
But it's a friendship that comes with a price - because Weston just cannot seem to stop screwing things up. Or saying all the wrong things. Possibly in that order...
And who has time for an 18 year old "fixer-upper" that should know better?
Not Molly.
Or does she?
Note: This YA book is intended for 17+ due to the vulgar language used by its male characters (and occasionally the females as well, even though they're too lady like to do it throughout the entire book). Some adult sexual situations that steam up a few car windows. This title is approx. 63,000 words.
Read KISSING IN CARS for free with Kindle Unlimited!

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About HE KISSED ME FIRST (Kiss and Make Up, Book 2)

This novel, along with all others in this series, is a standalone with no cliffhanger. You're welcome.
“Trust me – If there’s one thing I’m not attracted to, it’s the shrieking, overly-dramatic shrew that’s taken over my sister’s apartment. And what is up with her hair? I know what I want; an easy, uncomplicated lay – and Cecelia Carter sure as shit isn’t one. But I never could resist a challenge, and vow to wipe that condescending grin off her pretty face. Aw, shit. Did I just call her pretty..?” – Matthew Wakefield
"Trust me - If there's one thing I'm not attracted to, it's an arrogant, selfish and foul-mouth hockey player. I know what I want; someone who’s good for my body and soul and makes me laugh - and Matthew Wakefield isn't any of those things. I cannot stand the sight of him; I mean, what a jackass. If I refuse to give him anything but sass and sarcasm, it's only because he deserves it…” - Cecelia Carter
This book is intended for those 17 and older. If you're offended by cursing (particularly "F" bombs), sarcasm, sexual situations and Alpha Male jackasses - this book is not for you...
Read HE KISSED ME FIRST for free with Kindle Unlimited!

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About A KISS LIKE THIS (Kiss and Make Up, Book 3)

This novel, along with all others in this series, is a standalone with no cliffhanger. You're welcome.
She will never be “that” girl. You know the one: that girl on campus, confident in her own skin. Always saying the right things. Putting herself out there. Knows how to talk to a guy without stammering.
Nope. Shy but clever, and easily embarrassed, Abby is fine being the wallflower in her circle of outgoing, beautiful friends; she would rather read about a sexy book boyfriend than actually have a live, breathing one.
Star goaltender for the University’s hockey team, Caleb is quiet and broody, preferring the solitude of his orderly, regimented life. He doesn’t like, or need people—and plans to keep it that way. One more year left of hockey and he’ll be long gone.
AWKWARD NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD. Both their lives change the day that Abigail falls for Caleb. Well, falls directly on top of him, to be accurate. Because sometimes we don’t settle into love.
We fall there.
WARNING: This book contains cursing, and LOTS of it. It also has sex, uncomfortable and often awkward situations. Not to mention, the secondary characters say some really inappropriate s**t. Not intended for readers under 17
Read A KISS LIKE THIS for free with Kindle Unlimited!


About Sara Ney

Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh-out-loud New Adult romances. Among her favorite vices, she includes: iced latte's, historical architecture and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British.
She lives with her husband, children, and her ridiculously large dog.

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Kissing in Cars Kissing in Cars by Sara Ney
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Kissing In Cars
Author: Sara Ney

The first book i've read by Sara Ney was her Douchebag series, which i absolutely fell in love with - they had a different spin on what jocks should be, never apologizing for the fact that they truly are douchebags. I loved it. I really did. So when i saw that she had her Kiss and Make Up series coming out, i had to jump on the opportunity to read it, to see how she would make them different. And boy was it different, but in a very good way. Very rarely do i get to truly enjoy a novel that isn't erotic or mostly made for adults. I can't even remember the last time that i took a young adult genre novel, sat down and sighed in happiness as i read along, or even laughed out loud as often as i have when i read Kissing In Cars. The story of Molly and Weston was the type of read that i wanted to read over and over again. The kind that gave you chills because it made you feel good in a bad way - the kind that makes you shake your head in wonderment at just how one person can say all the wrong things at the wrong moments and never seem to get it. Yet, strangely enough, friendship begets a new sort of feeling between these two as they get to know each other in ways that no one else has bothered to do so in the past.


It made me think of The Failing Hours, the first book that i read from Sara Ney, but with a spin that i hadn't expected because this time, the girl was being sought out. It was adorable. Breath taking. The kind of read that i'll read more than once and then have my daughter (when she's old enough of course) read because it's just worth it. I loved how Sara Ney adds humor and awe inspiring moments to make you fall in love with her characters. Characters that you wouldn't have expected to enjoy or like in the first place. As the first in the series, i can't wait to read the rest of it and find out just where she's going to bring it.

He Kissed Me First He Kissed Me First by Sara Ney
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: He Kissed Me First
Author: Sara Ney

When you have a great thing going, keep going for it, and that seems to be exactly what Sara Ney did with her books. Seeing as how college bound 'men' and the women who are strong enough to tolerate them, she gives them her full attention. I simply can't get enough of it and wish there was more. Always more. I'm not sure if that's being selfish of me or simply a moment of fangirling going on, especially as i read Cecelia and Matthew's story. I'm still being brought back to the previous books i've read from this author and even though the feel good feelings and awe moments are still as strong as ever, i was happy that i still had the chance to catch up to Molly and Weston since Matthew is her brother.

Considering that the novels (and from what i've gathered from reading the frist two books in the series) are more for a young adult/new adult, i was taken out from what i currently read and shipped back to the past - in times when school and boys were the most important things i had to think about. Not to say that it's a bad thing, because really it isn't. it's amazing to be able to forget about the hardships of life, the responsibilities and all the things that could go wrong if you don't stick to your schedule, so He Kissed Me First was the best distraction i could have hoped for. It made me laugh (which i had almost hoped and expected for), sigh happily and feel like a school girl all over again. For that i can't complain at all. This was the kind of book that gave me the distraction that i needed, the book that made me regret not going to college before jumping straight into university, but it also made my day a bit brighter for the 'innocence' and the light hearted aspects that surrounded Cecelia and Matthew.

A Kiss Like This A Kiss Like This by Sara Ney
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: A Kiss Like This
Author: Sara Ney

As i've noticed more and more, by the third novel in the series, i knew that i'd be reading a book that was different from my usual go to genres, which i can't complain nor would i regret reading A Kiss Like This by Sara Ney. Possibly the most that made me think of The Failing Hours with the socially awkward girl, Abigail (which i can compare to Violet), and the star athlete, Caleb (which i can compare to Zeke). Their meeting wasn't on the best ways, Abigail having fallen on top of Caleb, but their journey as they try to figure out exactly what is happening to one another and their feelings.


I found myself often comparing this book to the first i read by Sara Ney - there were some incredibly good parts, and others i wondered if i was rereading a book but with different characters. However, that didn't detract from my enjoyment of it nor from the butterfly feelings i received. As the last book in the series, it was a good way to end it, crossing the 't's and dotting the 'i's, but considering that it's not my usual go-to genre, it didn't make me bounce up in joy or cry in frustration that it was over. I liked it, and will absolutely read more from Sara Ney because if nothing else, her style of writing made me happy for the time that i read her books.

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