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Straight, No Chaser by Nikki Belaire


Straight, No Chaser
(A Mafia Alpha Bad Boy Romance)
Nikki Belaire
Release Date: April 11, 2017
Genre: Romantic Suspense



She’s an angel.
And, I’m going to f*cking love clipping her wings.
Luciano Ellison needs a wife.
Well, to be precise, his little brother Eli needs a mother.
The innocent new nanny, Molly, would be perfect. For both of them. Easily
filling Eli’s life with unconditional love during the day and Luc’s bed
with pure pleasure at night.
Rich, handsome, and oh so willing to claim her as his own, Luc orchestrates
a scheme that leaves her desperate for his help. And willing to accept his
self-serving conditions.
This smug bastard thinks he’s created a flawless plan, except...
He’s a mob king.
She’s terrified of him.
And, neither of them can survive without the other.




Boxes and jars tumble to the floor, splashing olive oil onto my pant legs,
as we crash into the shelving. Still unable to comprehend how much this
beautiful woman can love me so much. Pinned against the wall, she lifts
enough for me to grasp her waistband and push her bottoms down and off. As
soon as she’s free from the fabric, she coils around me again like a viper.
Her dripping sex rubbing over my rock hard cock. "Do you want me to fuck
you, angel?"


Her breathless whisper is the only approval I need, and I slide into her.
Smooth and easy as silk with her sweet pussy healed from me breaking her
before. I do all the fucking work this time. Slowly guiding her hips up and
down my shaft, allowing her body to adjust to my size. Another sexy moan as
I bring her forward, stretching her and grinding her clit against my torso
for a new sensation she seems to love. If her mouth sucking on the crook of
my neck is any indication. So good I don’t even give a damn if she leaves a

Once I’m seated as deep as I can go, I pound into her with all the
restraint I can muster to avoid injuring her delicate frame. With focused
determination, I thrust with only two goals in mind. Getting her off and
getting her pregnant. “You’re going to be so fucking glorious with my baby
in your belly.”

She lifts from my shoulder, eyes heavy with lust, meeting mine. Her fingers
weave through my hair, clutching the short strands. Keeping us locked
together, breathing the same sweet air.

“Because I’m yours.”

Her pussy clenches around me from her conviction. Squeezing my cock tighter
with her pulsing walls. “Fuck yes you are, and don’t you ever fucking
forget it.”


Nikki writes contemporary romantic thrillers and admits to a weakness for
alpha males and bad boys, especially ones who can’t live without the strong
women they love.

She spends more time in her characters’ lives than her own. But, when she’s
in the real world, her passions include reading, wine appreciating,
running, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

Straight, No Chaser Straight, No Chaser by Nikki Belaire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: Straight, No Chaser
Author: Nikki Belaire

Almost a year ago, i came across an amazon and then a facebook ad from Nikki Belaire's Surviving Absolution series and in less time than you can say 'Whiskey and Rhum', i had one clicked her books. She has a way of taking the Mafia Romance genre and giving it a twist that is entirely her own, i don't think i've seen any other author come close to deliver what she does (please note that i'm not slamming any author here). Nikki Belaire took two completely different individuals, Molly the nanny and Luciano the mafia king, and made them real, gave them a purpose in each other's lives and especially, made them all kinds of imperfect for one another and so amazing together.


It was a hot read. I won't deny that. It's probably why i can't get enough of Nikki Belaire's mafia men and stories. I love going through her books and feeling emotions that i thought i had under control, rolling that roller coaster of emotions that i could have sworn was better reigned in. i enjoyed how even her secondary characters (i.e. Eli) were the type of people (and children) that even i would gravitate towards if i were Molly, and of course, Luciano and Molly... holy heck!! I wish the story could have kept going on because to watch them go through all the same emotions i did gave me back some of the satisfaction of losing my own (if that makes any sense, but i'm sure it did). I can't wait for the next release from Nikki Belaire, to be able to find out how she will thrill readers with her spin on Mafia Romances, but most of all, to find out whose story she will be telling next.

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