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Corrup Me by Jillian Quinn


   Jillian Quinn
   Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mafia Romance
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   Izzie Rinaldi has everything going for her. All she has to do is make it    through her senior year of college, and then she’ll be off to law school,    one step closer to assuming her position at the head of her family’s    empire. After a chance encounter with the campus bad boy, Izzie can’t get    him out of her head.   
   Luca Marchese, the smooth-talking son of the most notorious man in    Philadelphia, is used to getting what he wants. He hasn’t forgotten the    girl he knew as a child, and now that he has Izzie’s attention, Luca will    stop at nothing to have her.   
   Luca’s defiance of the law turns Izzie on more than she cares to admit. She    wants Luca to corrupt her in every way possible, despite his reputation as    the king of one-night stands. Their attraction is undeniable, but their    desire for one another isn’t enough for Izzie to overlook visits from    federal agents and the potential ruin of her family.   
   Linked to Luca and a criminal underworld, Izzie discovers she’s more like    him than she thought. But a future with Luca could mean swapping her    diamond bracelets for a pair of handcuffs.   
   Corrupt Me is a standalone novel that is the first book in the Philly    Corruption series.




   If you like Mafia men, sports, bad boys, dirty talkers, strong female    characters, and books with plenty of heat, then you've found the right    author.   
   Jillian Quinn was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and    currently lives in sunny Cape Coral, Florida where she still pretends it's    okay to drink hot chocolate and curl up on the couch with a good book, even    when it's ninety degrees outside. From an early age, writing and    storytelling have been her passion.   
   When she's not busy creating fictional worlds and living inside the minds    of her characters, Jillian is reading and blogging. But you can bet she's    doing it while watching either basketball or hockey.   
   Jillian combined her love of Mafia movies and shows to create Corrupt Me.    The idea for Parker came to Jillian while she was watching hockey. Of    course.


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