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Trigger's Salvation by Crystal Miller


When I saw Eve in the dress shop helping my sister, I knew there was more to her than meets the eye. I’d been completely unaware of their friendship and now I need to do a little digging to make sure she doesn’t pose a threat to my club. I don’t count on falling for her, though. What will happen when she learns my secrets? Is she going to run or is this incredible woman going to be my salvation?
My first impression of Trigger was that he is a total douche bag. Only an asshole would treat a stranger the way he treated me. I have quite a history when it comes to assholes. After tricking me into what turns out to be an amazing apology dinner, I find myself going against my better judgment and falling for this man, whose moods I can never predict. I know he’s hiding something. Can I put myself through this again? When his secrets come out, is it all going to come back to bite me?

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About the Author

Crystal Miller currently resides in Louisiana with her two children and fiance. By day, she is running her own business and keeping her authors organized and taking care of her family. By night, her characters come to life where she spends most of her nights glued to the computer getting their stories onto paper.

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Title: Trigger’s Salvation

Author: Crystal Miller

Every once in a while, I pick up a book and as I’m reading, I’m catching myself wondering if the characters are true to what they should be. Let me explain myself – Trigger is in an MC Club, the Hellfire Dogs, and is a big brother who follows his sister to a store unsuspecting that she’s friends with one of the employees, eve. Rather than take a step back and observe the pair, he goes full out butthole (imagine me saying the actual word here šŸ˜‰ ) on her, hoping to get the answers her needs. My questions, especially after reading that part, are whether or not his reactions were something I’d come to expect from a club member or was it the actions of an emotional man. Eve, as for her, I often wondered if her attraction to Trigger was due to how he reacted and how he protected his sister, or was it an attraction to what she saw in the man – his emotions, vulnerability and the passion.

As much as these two are a conundrum to me, I can’t express how intrigued I was to find out how this couple would end up. Crystal Miller took two people and made them real because even with all my questions and confusion, I still saw the humanity in them, the insecurities that exist in us all and even all the passion that exists in us. It’s the kind of read that you’ll have to go in and forget everything you know about MC’s because her own twist on it will make you look at the life in a different way. I’ll be looking forward to following Crystal Miller in the future and seeing how she’ll surprise her readers.


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