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Never Mine by Lauren Wood


   Title: Never Mine
   Author: Lauren Wood
   Release Date: January 18th
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   I thought that I would never see him again.

   It had been years since I had last seen Greg. It was the night before I    left town and there had been many nights since that I had stayed up and    thought about him. What was he doing back in Watertown now?
   When our eyes met, I knew that I was going to have to give him an    explanation. What I wasn’t expecting was the way he made me feel. I wanted    him, but I had a secret that kept us apart and if he ever found out, he    would never forgive me.
   She left me heartbroken
   I was not a man of many emotions I had been told. There was a part of me    that was closed off to the world and I knew that it was one girl that held    the key. Mandy had been the love of my life, but also the heartbreak of my    life as well. Seeing her again only made me miss her more and come to    realize that I couldn’t let her leave again.
   All I had to do was get my lips on hers and I knew that Mandy wouldn’t be    able to deny me anymore.

   Before I could really understand what was going on, Greg was leaning    forward, pressing his lips against mine. I moaned against his soft lips as    his tongue pushed through to my own. His arm went around my waist and he    pulled me to him. I was left to meld against his hard chest, my body    reacting to the memories of what he had done to me in the past. Greg had    given me more pleasure than I had ever had and so help me, I wanted it now    more than ever.
   Pulling back, I knew I had to get my wits about me before I lost everything    in his gaze. There was part of me that wanted to give into the temptation.    I had to remind myself that it wasn’t the past and we weren’t teenagers    anymore. Now I had responsibilities and I was sure that he did too. I knew    that Greg was the one man that could turn my life upside down. It is what    he had done in the past. Love had a way of doing that.
   “I don’t’ think we should Greg…”
   He stopped me and apologized, citing an urge that he couldn’t control, but    promised that it wouldn’t happen again; I wished that I wasn’t so    disappointed in the idea of it never happening again. I had missed his lips    on mine and I had to fight the urge to touch them, knowing that they were    tingling still from his touch.




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