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Something Special by S. Massery

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Something Special
by S. Massery

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Charlotte avoids romance like the plague. Anything that can be put into a romance novel is not tolerated -- and that includes mysterious men that sweep women off their feet with a single smile. But what is she to do when a handsome man sits down across from her at a coffee shop and does just that? Instead of promising her romance, Avery offers her an adventure she can't refuse. A spontaneous date leads to a feeling that Charlotte hasn't felt in a while: attraction.

Although Charlotte and Avery part ways without a true goodbye, fate keeps pushing them back into each other's orbits. As they struggle to put their pasts behind them and find happiness together, it leaves Charlotte with the question: is it possible to love someone when you're broken? 

A story of two lost souls who find each other again and again, they will put each other to the test. Can they save each other, or will they gave to break again in order to save themselves?

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