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Seducing The Virgin by J.L. Beck

She didn't think her virginity had a price tag.... she was wrong.

When Fox Smith locks eyes on the sweet little lamb known as Raven he can't help but wonder if she would melt under his touch.

He's not in the business of buying women for sex, and he doesn't need an inexperienced virgin clinging to his side all hours of the day and night but he feels drawn to her and knows more than anyone that what you see on the outside is nothing more than an image painted to cover up your own dirty secrets.

Fox knows Raven isn't telling the truth about why she needs the money from the auction and he's going to get her to spill the beans one way or another.

Raven Miller isn't the type to sell her virginity at auction but she has no choice it's the only thing she has left that's worth selling. When she finds out CEO bad-boy Fox Smith is the man who bought her virginity she freaks out. If he discovers the real reason she sold her virginity he may not give her the money and if that happens then she'll lose everything.

-This is a darkish romance with instalove themes. It contain's M/F/M scenes and ends with an HEA that will more than satisfy your sweet tooth. If you love alpha's who are bad, but redeeming then you should definitely consider one-clicking this book.-

Seducing the Virgin Seducing the Virgin by J.L. Beck
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Seducing The Virgin
Author: J.L. Beck


I love when J.L. Beck delves into her darker stories because she comes up with some very unique storylines that hooks you from the very beginning. Seducing The Virgin tells the story of Raven, a woman who decides to auction her virginity to the highest bidder so that she may pay for her mother's medical bills after she's fired. Bought by Fox, Raven doesn't realize he's the son to the man that fired her mother during her leave of absence until she's face to face with the man. Feeling a connection with the girl he just bought, Fox still believes she's hiding something from him and will stop at nothing to find out what, all the while trying to protect his heart that he believes is unable of that emotion.


It's undeniable - Fox knows hot to make a woman's body burn with a few touches and make her beg for more. He doesn't stop himself from giving and receiving pleasure without taking Raven's virginity and his personality did match his actions, which is often overlooked in stories. Now here is where it kept me from giving J.L. Beck's latest release a 5 star rating: considering that it was a short story, I expected the action to start a whole lot sooner than a little more than halfway through, and the ending didn't feel like an ending. Honestly, I though I was missing a part of the book - so be forewarned, Seducing The Virgin ends in a cliffhanger. That being said, I still absolutely loved this book and can't wait for the next release from this author.

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