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Loving Ruby by Roya Carmen



A sinful boss secretary romance.

I’ve heard all the rumours: He killed his wife. He’s on house arrest. He’s a vampire. Yet still, when I get a job offer from the reclusive Mr. Hyde, I jump at the chance. Yes, I know I’m crazy.

I’m cautious at first, but then I discover a beautiful, quirky man. I also see a tortured soul who lives in darkness. I know I should run, yet I can’t tear myself away. I want to discover all his secrets. I desperately want to help him. And when he draws me deeper into his strange little world, I want to stay.

Author’s Note: Loving Ruby contains explicit sexual scenes and some coarse language. It is Book 2 of The Riverstone series but can be enjoyed as a standalone. If one wants to read the entire series, it is best to read them in chronological order to avoid spoilers.


                              Loving Ruby - Riverstone Estate Book 2 - standalone by Roya Carmen
Loving Ruby - Riverstone Estate Book 2 - standalone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: Loving Ruby
Author: Roya Carmen

5 amazing stars

And here I thought that Loving Amber was epic, but Loving Ruby truly blows it away like yesterday's baseball game (alright so that might not make sense, but you get what I mean). Roya Carmen has this uncanny talent of taking an idea and developing it until you get fully immersed into her stories. Ruby is us - readers, graphic designers, author personal assistants and heck, too many of us Facebookers. And when an author is in the search of his own PA, Ruby jumps at the opportunity, hoping to land the job. August Hyde found the perfect assistant in Ruby, only problem is that he's attracted to her. Too much so and constantly has to remind himself of their professional relationship.

One Facebook message and then a phone call later and their relationship goes from professional to -HR-situation-and-a-contract-hot. What more can I say about the entire change? This couple had me forgetting about Amber and Aiden a little too quickly, but who am I to complain? I wasn't and totally wanted more and more and more. Did I mention just how hot these two are together? Every moment was worth it and now with that ending, I wonder just how long I'll have to wait for the next installment because seriously... wow!

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