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Red Eclipse by McKayla Schutt



Alia’s past is coming back to bite her in the ass when she saves a werewolf from a gunshot wound. As the imprint ripples under her skin, she needs to figure out if she can trust the sexy werewolf or leave him behind. A life in constant danger weighs heavily on Alia. As a witch she hates being on the run from her old coven. While falling in love can bring her tremendous pleasure, it also causes distress as she fears for Olsen’s life. Everything Alia ever knew about the world will be tested as she falls for Olsen.


Olsen knows two things, the woman who saved him is his mate and he can’t remember what she looks like. Something feels off as he searches for the woman but with a hunter in the area, Olsen must hurry and stay alert. As the second in command his pack has always come first but finding a mate changes everything. He will do whatever it takes to keep Alia and the pack safe. His strength as a werewolf will be tested while his emotions run deeper for the female who saved him.

***This is an erotica story- The series can be read in order but the books can stand alone ***

Red Eclipse by McKayla Schutt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Red Eclipse
Author: McKayla Schutt

Red Eclipse was one of those novels that had me excited to read paranormal once again. Too often this genre seems to resemble one another and what I love is seeing how one author will push the limits and bring something entirely different to the genre. As the first novel I've read by McKayla Schutt, I doubt I could have asked for any better from her or for the genre. As a witch on the run, Alia comes across Olsen when he's injured and decides to save his life. She knows what he is and what the imprint symbol on her skin means but she can't risk his life for the danger that continuously follows her. Too bad Alia didn't take the time to realize that Olsen isn't ready to give up so easily on fate, even if he can't remember what she looks like.

If the story wasn't enough to draw you in, then trust me on this one, the scenes between these two will have you begging for more. They are hot and seductive, and I won't lie, I really wanted more. McKayla Shutt knows how to draw in readers so they'll keep wanting more, but most of all, she writes stories that will keep you coming back for more.

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