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Ambassador's Bride by C.J. Scarlett


In a dystopian future where humans have foolishly squandered Earth’s natural resources, the few remaining people are becoming desperate. Crowded in huge underground cities, they’ve finally come to the end of the line and they must decide whether or not they will trade the only valuable resource Earth has left... Women.

Being the daughter of a wealthy diplomat, Rose is blissfully ignorant of how the less fortunate live. Desperate to escape to a planet where she can enjoy the sun on her face and swim in clear unpolluted oceans, she vows to make herself the first bride to be mated to off-worlders.

When the Krylon delegation arrives, she realizes that in addition to being good stewards of their planet, eager for female companionship, and polite to a fault, the Krylon males are also drop dead gorgeous. Unfortunately, Earth’s population is vehemently opposed to the galactic mate’s treaty... will Rose and her soon to be Hot Alien Husband be able to make their escape from Earth?

Ambassador's Bride (Alien SciFi Romance)
Ambassador's Bride (Alien SciFi Romance) by C.J. Scarlett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Ambassador's Bride
Author: C.J. Scarlett

I've never had the chance to read a novel written by C.J. Scarlett in the past, but I must say that I'm glad I went out of my current guilty reads to read Ambassador's Bride. It's the type of novel that puts first the talent of the this author to create a new world and bringing it to life in a way that is still believable in its fantasy world. There's one thing that I look forward to reading and expericing when I read a dystopian/science fiction novel is to see just how far an author will go to describe and create a whole new world, a galaxy and beings to live in these places. But most of all, what I love to see is whether or not, even as foreign and alien these beings are, if I'll be able to connect with them. Rose has the opportunity to live a 'full' life, one that doesn't involve being offered as a trade to the Krylon or other species that would have a need for women. Only, the woman wishes to see more than what her pampered life has brought her; the kind that Terit, the Krylon, is prepared to offer her ifshe'll bear his children.

As advanced as these civilizations are, their values often seem to be old fashioned and yet at times it worked for the premise of the story. I was intrigued, even if at times I couldn't always follow the mentality of the Krylons, but it was no less interesting and I'd love to see what C.J. Scarlett has in store for the series.

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