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Avanaux: A Hickory Lace novel by PJ McDermott

For fifty years, the Alien Corps has scoured the Universe looking for the Son of God.

The discovery of a new Gospel in 2095 has compelled the Vatican to reassess its views on the nature of God. The Alien Corps is formed to find the truth. Fifty years on, hope is fading.

Hickory Lace, sacked from the Corps after a failed mission to Aquarius 4, is surprised when Prefect Cortherien asks her to undertake a dangerous mission to the planet, Prosperine. There is a report that a mysterious extraterrestrial known as The Teacher is performing miracles.

Before Hickory and her team can complete their assignment, they discover a plot by the non-aligned planets to seize Prosperine’s priceless resources for faster-than-light travel.

Hickory must find a way to stop the aliens and at the same time determine what manner of being The Teacher is and what he represents.

When it comes to science fiction, the possibilities for the storyline are endless - the worlds, the characters and the plot can be as vast as the galaxy or as small as a city and its inhabitants. PJ McDermott's Avanaux is the first novel in the Hickory Lace series and he hardly spares his readers when it comes to details. Although these details are incredible, it did make it difficult to fully immerse myself into this new world at the beginning, once I had a better understanding of the history behind the series, it made the journey much more enjoyable afterwards.

Considering that the plot is about Hickory, a woman who sets out to find the alien chosen one, it's important to mention that even though the sexual tension wasn't at what I usually am used to, PJ McDermott managed to create characters that you still see things that you can relate to. It's a complex read, not one for the faint of heart, but once immersed, the rewards are undeniable. Considering my earlier difficulties, I really wouldn't mind re reading more than once, even if to revisit this new world.

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