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Billionaire Matchmaker by Charlotte Byrd

WARNING: 2 Alpha Billionaires and Hot and Steamy scenes that will make you blush!

Book 1: Malibu Connection

After selling his banking start-up to Google, Logan Davenport is officially a billionaire. He’s swimming in money and sex, and that’s the way he likes it. But he needs a respectable date to his brother’s engagement party. So, he finally gives in and lets his eccentric aunt, Dolly Monroe, a matchmaker, find him a date. Much to his shock, she sets him up with an opinionated, average-looking, floral shop owner who seems impervious to his charms. Avery doesn’t want him, and that makes him want her even more. Before he knows it, he is falling in love for the first time ever.

But Logan is keeping a SECRET. No, he isn’t married. No, he doesn’t have a child. No, he isn't sick. It’s worse than that. Much worse. And when Avery finally finds out, he risks losing the only person he has ever really cared about. Can their love survive his secret?

Book 2: The Date

When Chloe get her first wardrobe stylist job, she meets an arrogant and self-absorbed movie star, Finn Dalton. Finn is People’s Sexiest Man Alive and everyone thinks he’s a God, but Chloe doesn’t get it. He’s hot. His body looks like it had been chiseled from stone. But his attitude definitely needs an adjustment.

Finn is a famous and gorgeous playboy. He’s surrounded by women, but not the kind you can bring as a date to the Governor’s Ball. When he reaches out to Dolly Monroe, a billionaire matchmaker, she sets him up with the one girl who seems to be impervious to his charms.

Quickly, Chloe and Finn get locked in a game of seduction. But games of love are dangerous games to play…

The matchmaker duet by Charlotte Byrd was the book that surprised me in more ways than one and I can't express just how much of an adventure these two novels were. In each story we meet a new couple that have been introduced through a matchmaker where one of the players is richer than the other. I've had the chance to read previous novels written by Charlotte Byrd, and to read the Billionaire Matchmaker was such a vast improvement in so many fronts (because lets face it, the majority of authors only get better as they keep writing), that I was almost sad to get to the end.

these relationships didn't begin with a hello - they started with a matchmaker and considering the hit and misses I've come across with them, I had my reservations as to whether or not they'd last. Yet, as these couples began to know each other and progress, it was clear that our matchmaker knows what she's doing. I absolutely enjoyed how the stories were developed and the way that the scenes were described, making t incredibly easy to see it in my mind's eye. I honestly can't wait until Charlotte Byrd's next titles as it should be another hit.

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