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Santa's Assistant by J.L. Beck

Lucy Sander’s knows better than to be volunteering at the local kids drive as an elf assistant to Santa also known as her extremely hot, alpha boss, Nicholas. 

What should be for a good cause makes her question all her morals, while pushing the boundaries between pleasure and pain. 

One look at Lucy in that sexy elf get up and my c*ck is hard as steel. I’ve wanted her for months and now with both of us stuck spending hours together each day, I can finally make my move and claim what’s rightfully mine. 

Will Lucy help Nicholas deliver all the gifts this year and surrender her heart to love, or will the grinch ruin everything?

-All the books in this bundle contain a HEA. An over the top alpha. & a strong female lead who has no problem owning her man. Be sure to have an extra pair of panties handy and your B.O.B.-

After the office romance with Ryan Nelson in Dirty Deeds, we finally meet Nicholas , the CEO/president of a company for years that never mixes work and relationships. That is, of course, until he meets Lucy - he instantly can't deny the attraction he feels for her ever since he met her, only, he had hoped she would act on her feeling and when she doesn't , Nicholas takes matters in his  own hands by inviting her to become his elf for an outing. In Bossy, we meet Cameron, a bonafide man$lut  who sleeps with as many women as he can while not being able to have the one he really wants: Sadie. Their time together happens when Cameron offers to pay off her student loans for the chance to be with him.

Since I had previously reviewed Dirty Deeds, I concentrated on Bossy and Santa's Assistant: these were quick, almost instant love. Let's not forget that Cameron and Sadie, and Nicholas and Lucy work together and have known each other in some way or another before starting their personal relationship. I'll admit that their instant love (can it be described like that at his point?)  was quick, but again, they knew each other in one way or another  before it all started. JL Beck created an office romance series that is detailed enough to make readers feel some connection with the characters, but short enough that you can enjoy the full series one after the other in a few hours (or days, depending on how fast you read). I thoroughly enjoyed this treat and can't wait to read more by JL Beck.

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