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The Billionaire Laid Bare by Avery James

Heiress Catherine Carlisle has hit rock bottom. She's lost her fortune, her friends and her social status.

Blake Bennett is at the top of the world. The handsome CEO of Wall Street's hottest hedge fund, Blake always gets what he wants. And he wants Catherine.

There's only one problem. Blake is the the reason Catherine has lost everything. Ok, there's another little problem: Blake's under investigation by the FBI. But their chemistry is undeniable, and that shouldn't be enough to stop them from sharing one night with each other.

When one night turns to two, and two turns into more, Catherine realizes that Blake's hiding a secret past, and she might be the only person who can save him. Is Blake who he claims to be? Or is he something more?

I never expected a billionaire genre to include so much suspense that I'd be constantly wondering what's to happen next - that constant questioning kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire time it took me to read this novel. Avery James is a new author for me and I did enjoy The Billionaire Laid Bare: the story about Catherine, the woman who blames Blake for everything she lost and finally gets to meet him at a birthday party, the last place she expected him to be, and Blake, a man for all his success, is being closely tracked by the FBI. He wants to trust the girl he met at the party, but finds himself having to show her what trust means when he lets her in deeper than he ever expected.

With each fight and argument this couple had, their makeup sessions were just as intense. But as much as their physical attraction was strong, it felt as though their distrust for one another was stronger.  Their battle to discover what they wanted and needed was, for me, one of the main aspects that made them an interesting couple and I kept wanting to know more about Catherine and Blake. The Billionaire Laid Bare by Avery James was an interesting read to say the least and I'd be curious to read more by this author in the future.

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