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Billionaire's Bombshell by Sienna Valentine

Love is the one thing I can't afford.
Before I met Elizabeth, I was living by two simple rules.
1. Drink, f*ck and be merry.
2. Don’t get attached.
Having more money than I could ever spend meant I could go on like that forever.
Which is why I knew I should have tossed her out the moment she reappeared at my door, eager to get to work on upending
my whole damn life.
She was trouble, and letting her stay could only lead to me breaking all kinds of rules – including the only two that mattered.
But making her leave threatens to break something even more important. My heart.
No matter what I do, she’s destined to destroy all I've ever known. That's what bombshells do. They bring everything around them to ruin.
I should know. I have a bombshell of my own.
And yet I can’t help but wonder… what if obliterating the life I have now is the only way to build something better?

Billionaire's Bombshell

Billionaire's Bombshell by Sienna Valentine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I never had the opportunity to read any of Sienna Valentine's novels and I have to say that Billionaire Bombshell was the perfect introduction to her works. It had the myriad of elements that I always look forward to in a book - drama, emotions, chemistry and the storyline that pulls me in until I forget all notion of time. When it come to love, Oliver avoided it like the plague, but at the death of his uncle, his will tells him it was high time he bucks up if he wants his inheritance. Meeting the strong willed and independent Elizabeth she she comes to redecorate his home, Oliver soon realizes that his uncle may have known what he was talking about even if he struggles to come to terms with the whole situation.

The relationship between these two was nothing close to perfect: there were ups and downs, sadness, joy and so much frustrations for one reason or another. I loved their chemistry, even when they didn't get along or denied what they felt for one another. It was an emotional story that has me crying one moment and laughing the next. I'm really happy that I took the time to read the Billionaire Bombshell by sienna Valentine and will absolutely be reading more by her in the future!


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