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Dirty Daddy by Alexis Angel


It's Time To Please Your Dirty Daddy...

No man can match me. No woman has tamed me.
My billion-dollar empire makes me the most powerful man in the city. And I have a body to match. 8-pack abs. The face of a prince. The physique of a god. Money. Fame. Power.
And a 12-inch lust popsicle that dangles between my legs, hardening as you walk by.

Face it. You want me. You know you can't resist.
And if you can walk afterwards, then we'll do it all again till you can't.

Touch me. Tempt me.
Tease me. Please me.

Nothing will be too much in this forbidden land of taboo delight.
Because baby, no matter how wrong it seems, with Daddy, it'll always feel right.

**Come join Alexis Angel in this full-length standalone romance. No cliffhanger but it's going to be a scorcher with scenes so hot that your lady parts will need a cold shower. HEA? You know it, babe.**

Dirty Daddy: A Secret Baby Bad Boy Romance Dirty Daddy: A Secret Baby Bad Boy Romance by Alexis Angel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Dirty Daddy
Author: Alexis Angel

Considering this isn't my first rodeo with Alexis Angel, i had an idea of what to expect with her books. Only, i wasn't expecting to find a link between Dirty Daddy and D.I.L.F. (and another i hadn't read yet). Just as i had noticed with Parker, Magnus is cocky and arrogant, knowing exactly what he wants. And, similarly as in D.I.L.F, Penny is asked to find any and all incriminating information by her mother and the mayor to take him down and get rid of her stepfather once and for all.

Alexis Angel absolutely knows how to write a scene. Heck, she's blunt, descriptive and dirty, which is why my 'dream' factor is so high, but i was disappointed in the fact that Dirty Daddy and D.I.L.F. (which I loved) were so similar (and different at the same time). Albeit m small (and considerable) problem with this book, i still enjoyed being able to revisit past characters that i had met not a week ago and was captivated by their story. I still can't wait to find out what Alexis Angel will write next as i know it'll be something i'll remember.

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