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The Devil's Wife by Gemma James

The Devil's Wife (Devil's Kiss, #3)

No one claims marriage is easy. That is especially true for Kayla Sutton, because she’s married to a sadist who takes the meaning of the word "dominance" to new heights. But Kayla should have known. She fell for his wicked ways after he blackmailed her, stayed after he kidnapped her, went back to him after he almost destroyed them both with his unpredictable fury.

Then she married him.

A year has passed since Kayla agreed to love, honor, and obey. Day after day, she survives his volatile nature. On her knees at his feet, underneath him between the sheets, bent over the bed to receive the fiery lash of his belt. But she’s beginning to miss the one thing she promised Gage Channing when she married him: her freedom.

NOTE TO READERS: THE DEVIL'S WIFE is a continuation of THE DEVIL'S KISS SERIES. For a better reading experience, please begin with the Devil's Kiss before reading the Devil's Wife. For mature audiences only. Includes explicit and disturbing subject matter that may offend some readers

The Devil's Wife (Devil's Kiss, #3)

Title: The Devil's Wife
Author: Gemma James

At this point, I'm not sure who's more of the glutton for pain and suffering - myself or Kayla. Another year has gone by since Kayla's marriage and I could literally feel and breathe the tension that is living with these two. It's so thick you'd swear that you could cut it with a knife. Gage's restrictions, rules and possessiveness hits an all time high that brings Kayla to her breaking point and hides a terrible secret that leads her to make a worst mistake when she learns of Ian's condition. I have to hand it to Gemma James: she truly knows how to keep her readers hooked to the point of wanting to know more about this couple despite the things Gage puts Kayla through.

I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I want this couple to make it. For sure the way these two are together, when they are connected, is something that anyone would strive for, but the way Gage punishes Kayla... no words can describe it. My heart is still furiously beating because of it, unable to comprehend how Kayla survived it, even more so wanting to stay. Is there, at this point, any way to save Gage? I can't be sure, but one thing I am certain about is that maybe, just maybe, the next installment will give me the answers i need.


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