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Off Limits by JL Beck


She's off limits, and not just because she just turned nineteen. No it's all because Maddie Sullivan is my daugher's childhood best friend and she's also my newest assistant at the law office I own.

When my daughter takes a trip abroad to explore Europe leaving Maddie and I alone for the summer at my office things take a sizzling hot turn. It's only a matter of days before Maddie has me eating out of her palm, and I have her on her knees under my desk. Our sex is hot as fire, and so, so wrong.

We both know things can never work out between us and that hiding what were doing is wrong but neither of can stop.

That is until Jessica returns home far sooner than expected and Maddie and I are left scrambling on what to do because not only are we hiding our new found relationship but something else... something that If my daughter discovers will ruin all of us.

Keeping the truth from my daughter could destroy our relationship but going without Maddie seems nearly impossible.

What happens when the truth finally comes out and the explosive secret were hiding is discovered?

Yeah, I know I never should've kissed her, or stuck my c#ck in her but it's hard to not want something when it's completely off limits... 

Off Limits Off Limits by J.L. Beck
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Off Limits
Author: J.L. Beck

With the teacher/student genres, stepbrother genres and mafia genres with the very dark touch, older men/younger women genres have easily made that list as well. So of course, when I found out that J.L. Beck write another older man/younger woman with the best friend's dad aspect, I had to jump on it and find out how it compared to her previously released novel of the same style. When Jessica, Kases's daughter is about to leave for the summer on a back packing trip, he needs a new assistant to take her place. She offers to put in a good word for her best friend, Maddie, who has loved this man ever since she turned 16. Only, without Jessica's presence to keep the two apart, they have to decide if they'll give in to their attraction or try to stay as far away from one another, keeping it professional as they live in the same home for the summer vacation.


While there were many elements that I enjoyed from this book, there were others that left me wanting (of sorts). I'm not against insta-love/lust or a happily ever after, but everything went by so fast that I wondered if maybe I was missing a few parts, but then again, J.L. Beck is known for her short stories, so I took it with a grain of salt to a certain degree. I couldn't deny the attraction that exists between Maddie and Kase and enjoyed their story - I just happen to want to read more about them and find out more about their lives and history. I do enjoy J.L. Beck's stories, some more than others and while Off Limits wasn't at the top of the list, it was still one that I would recommend for a fast and quick read.

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