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Prince's Secret Baby by Riley Rollins


This dirty prince wants me in a tiara… and nothing else!
The cocky, tyrannical bastard. This ripped, pierced, and tattooed bad boy caught me sneaking into his kingdom… and tossed me into his modern-day dungeon. He can do with me what he likes…
And what Prince Charming likes is oh-so-wrong.
He's pompous, he's presumptuous, and he's a royal pain in my ass. But as mad as he makes me, I just can’t resist that chiseled body, those shredded abs, that arrogant smile, that raging hard… scepter. I hate his f*ckin' guts, but no man has ever made me feel this way.
One night together was all it took… Now I’m knocked up with the heir to the kingdom.
But if the prince discovers my dirty little secret.... OMG.

Prince's Secret Baby Prince's Secret Baby by Riley Rollins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Prince's Dirty Little Secret/Prince's Secret Baby
Author: Rilley Rollins

I'm not quite sure what i expected when i picked this book up. It's the first novel that i've read by Rilley Rollins, one that for sure kept me on my toes considering that storyline surrounds a town/empire that barely lets any tourist in, their internet is based on... well, nothing much other than their own version of facts, and the prince is unable to see past what his 'domain' is all about. But Jenna is about to open his eyes on what he's been missing, wanting the big story of what North Molvania is all about and most of all, she's in it to uncover the real truth. Only, she never expected to get caught or that Nikolai would awaken all of her... body and soul. But someone isn't too pleased with their relationship and will stop at nothing to get rid of Jenna, especially when Nikolai finally sees the truth.


It was an interesting story, not as 'dirty' as i would have expected, but it was still entertaining. The suspense surrounding Nikolai and his father was one of the biggest elephant in the room and there were so many truths that you can't ignore them. A child will always love their parent, even if their opinions and ways differ. For a first book that i've read by Rilley Rollins, Prince's Secret Baby (or previously published as Prince's Dirty Little Secret) was interesting and i know that i'll be looking forward to reading more from her in the future and find out how she'll bring her characters to life.

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