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Dissolute Resorts Denver by J Richards


Four months ago, Evie Parks was dragged off to a singles Resort in Cancun, Mexico by her best friend who was on a mission to help her forget her recent break up with a sorry excuse of an ex-boyfriend. Evie, however, found more than she bargained for and left feeling empowered and renewed.
Since coming home, Evie has thrown herself into recognizing her worth and finding ways to love herself. While she is accomplishing those goals, she can’t help but feel like she left something in Mexico that could really fill her world with happiness. That “something” being the owner of all five Dissolute Resorts, Darius Williams.
Luckily for Evie, Darius seems to be missing her as well, and invites her to spend the weekend with him in Denver, Colorado. This time, instead of a weekend full of sex, Evie gets the notion Darius wants more from her and fears the weekend won’t be the empowering refresher course she thought it would be. Instead, this trip could break her heart in more pieces than before Darius glued it back together in Mexico.

Dissolute Resorts Denver Dissolute Resorts Denver by J. Richards
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Title: Dissolute Resorts Denver
Author: J Richards

The second novel in the Dissolute Resort series by J Richards brings Evie back into Darius' arms for a weekend of sparking their romance back up and with any luck, out to great use the newly found confidence that Evie had found back in Cancún on her last weekend getaway with Lily.


I love these two ~ Evie and Darius just seem so perfect for one another and I couldn't help but cheer as they decide to take their relationship one step further and actually commit to one another, albeit the fact that they'd have to do a long distance relationship, which I know by experience is incredibly difficultly. I'm insanely curious to find out how they'll manage to survive the distance and the fact that they can't see each other as much as they would but for some reason I have a feeling that they can and will do everything to make it work, no matter what. I loved how Darius doesn't push Evie to do things that she isn't ready to do, but is willing to push her to keep finding what it is that makes her tick, makes her mor seductive and especially, help her find her way in her life. I can only wish that I get so much more of Darius and Evie, even of Lilly and her 'gay' husband since they all have captivated me more than I could have ever imagined. Amazing job J Richards and I can't wait to read more from not only this series, but all her other novels!

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