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Hitman - The Series by Alexis Abbott


These six bad boys are used to getting what they want...

Hitmen. They're the toughest of the tough, but with their ladies, they're as sweet as can be. If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, soft girls learning to be strong, and hard men learning to be loving, with a happily-ever-after bow tied on top, you're not going to want to miss this collection.

Alexis Abbott's Hitmen novels have graced all the Amazon best-seller charts, and have grown a rabid fanbase that praises the series as fresh, sexy, dangerous, explosive and swoonworthy.

Hitman - The Series Hitman - The Series by Alexis Abbott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Hitmen: The Series
Author: Alexis Abbott


I discovered Alexis Abbott a few months ago and read one of her Hitmen novels - the story was captivating and nothing like i would have thought. Then she came out with her boxset for her Hitmen, and i had to get my hands on it - the men were dark and for the most part unforgiving in their ways. In this box set, readers are treated to her first 6 novels in the series, each one more different than the next and the story more intense than the next.

With each book, we meet a new pair that makes you hope for the best - will the girls be able to change these men and make them 'softer' (or as soft as hitmen and mafia members can be). I wanted to read more, and Alexis Abbott absolutely brought the best in reuniting these six men in one tome. I can't wait to read the seventh installment in the series and find out what'll happen next.

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