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Kidnapped by 2 Men by Summer Cooper


Lily doesn’t get into these sorts of situations. She’s always been a good girl, the kind who kept her clothes clean and got straight As in school, and she’s spent the years ever since working dutifully as a secretary. Kind and gentle, Lily is the sort of person everyone wants for a friend.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of her boss. Intelligent and successful, James Dominick has always craved success—and when possible, he makes sure other people bear the cost of his actions. So it’s hardly a surprise that when hit-men show up to take him out, James has disappeared…and the only person in his house is Lily.

Kidnapped and terrified, Lily has become determined to talk her way out of this. The gang that’s captured her can’t possibly be so ruthless as to kill an innocent woman, can they? In fact, she’d bet that Liam and Cameron, the ringleaders, are a lot nicer than they want to admit. She’s pretty sure they don’t want to kill her.
And Lily is exactly right. Liam and Cameron don’t want to kill her. Not at all. What she doesn’t know? They’ve both fallen for her…and Liam and Cameron have always shared everything. If she’s not careful, Lily is about to discover just how good it can feel to be bad.

Kidnapped by 2 Men Kidnapped by 2 Men by Summer Cooper
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Title: Kidnapped By 2 Men
Author: Summer Cooper

I really enjoy kidnapping genre novels. Why? Because the possibilities are endless. The story can go so many ways and there's really no way to predict where the author wants to go with the story or the events that will happen unless it's written in black and white. The suspense is one of the big things that attracts e to this genre, and of course, if there's something extra that is added as we go along, so much the better because, again, it's the unexpected that gets to me. I also love menage genre novels, because again, the stigma that our society has for polyamorous relationships is so strong, that i'm intrigued to find out how other people see these types of couples. How do the characters feel? What do they go through while trying to figure out where they stand in the trio? Of course, can they last albeit all the obstacles they go through? Those are some of the questions that i often ask myself when i read menage books only because i think they're important for myself.

Now, i didn't finish this story and i also peeked at the many reviews on goodreads left for this book, many of which date back to almost 6-12 months ago and i was surprised because so much said that it was an incredibly short story, lasting about 5% of the book. Was the version that i received a re-edit? That, i can't answer, but i can tell you that it's much longer than 5% worth of the entire file (since i received an ecopy of it rather than the paperback). The difference between an ebook and the paperbacks is that i can't cheat... i can't just flip to the last page, find out what happens and then go right back to where i was as though nothing happened. Well, i could, but it's just so much more complicated than it really should be, so i don't do that when i read ebooks. While the beginning of the book had me intrigued, i was completely lost when the kidnappers were simply too lenient towards their captive, willing to let her almost do anything she choses, their attraction for her so strong that they KNOW that she's the one for them. Considering that Lily has never seen Liam or Cameron before in her life, i found it very odd that within the first day, maybe two, there was no question that they'd all end up together, even though Lily's boss is to blame for her predicament. It simply didn't feel realistic for me and that had turned me off from continuing this book. Will i try to read it again and hope that it'll change my opinion? I'm hoping i'll be able to do so, but for now, i was a bit more frustrated than i can explain, but that doesn't mean that i won't be reading more from Summer Cooper in the future because if nothing else, i'm curious to find out what else she has to offer her readers.

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