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Caught With My Best Friend's Dad by Odessa Rossi

When did Ainsley Miller grow up? And how did she stay so damn innocent?

Ainsley's my daughter's best friend-practically family to me. I've made her pancakes after slumber parties, chased away boys who got too close, and carpooled her to soccer practice.

But she's not such a little girl anymore. She's a young woman with red lips, dangerous curves, and short little skirts that leave little to the imagination.

Now she's home for the summer, and she's staying under my roof. This sexy little thing should be off-limits, but when she tells me she's been saving herself just for me?

I have to make her mine, no matter the consequences.

Author's Note: Oh, this story is going to make you blush. It's sweet, sassy, and oh-so-sexy. If you're looking for a naughty thrill that will get your heart racing and body tingling, you'll love this novella. You can read it in one sitting, but the fun will last a lot longer...

I love this woman. I. Love. This. Woman. " I love you Baby Girl."
Caught With My Best Friend's Dad is one book that you'll either love or hate and only because of the theme of the novel - a Daddy Dom and Little Girl romance. It's not wildly accepted and yet, as Odessa Rossi easily demonstrates, it's a relationship that can be beautiful when the stigma is removed. Ainsley is both incredibly smart and so very innoncent that sometimes she comes off as a ditz but not once could I confuse or mistake her feelings for Stone Cavanaugh.
"Mr Cavanaugh. This is me... showing you... how I feel... for the second time."
On the flip side, Mr Cavanaugh did surprise me considering how adamant he was that nothing should happen between the two and yet, I cheered their relationship to work out.

An older, more experienced man would know how to control the girl cradled at his side. I surrender to his touches and let him do as he likes. 

The dynamic between these two was hot and cold - cold each and every time Stone wanted to protect Ainsley and make their first time special and unforgettable, and hot when they let their desire and love for one another take over their actions.

"Let me show you how Daddy apologizes to Baby Girl for letting her out of his sight... I'm going to prove that you don't need anyone but your Daddy."

Absolutely legal, the biggest hurdle that this couple face is how the world sees them, but Odessa Rossi nail it on the money - not everyone will understand but when they face it together, everything was bearable. I loved how Odessa Rossi built her story - not too overly descriptive and she let her story speak for itself. It was beautiful, exciting and truthful, and I can't wait to read more from her in the future!

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