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Daddy's Pretty Baby by Cassandra Dee

Daddy's Pretty Baby

Every little girl needs a Daddy.

Melly was my housesitter, a curvy brunette with a sweet smile. But there was more to the bargain than meets the eye …

Because I wanted a playmate.

Someone to do the dishes.

Scrub my floors.

And play Connect Four.

And as for Melly?

The sweet teen needed a Daddy … bad!

Warning: This is a sexy, smutty romance with two folks engaged in age play/the little lifestyle, playing Connect Four and taking trips to Disneyworld. Guaranteed HEA. For a limited time, this edition includes the bonus novella Double Princes.

Daddy's Pretty Baby Daddy's Pretty Baby by Cassandra Dee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Daddy's Pretty Baby
Author: Cassandra Dee


It was hard to rate this novel, it really was - let me make it quite clear that I love D/s, BDSM and even Daddy Dom/little girl (Dd/lg) genre novels and have a very open mind on how individuals live their lives in the lifestyle (I also know about the many variations of those living this lifestyle as well). Cassandra Dee delves deep into the Dd/lg lifestyle with her release of Daddy's Pretty Baby where Melissa has been evicted from her apartment and is looking for a new place to live. Coming across an ad for a house sitter, she applies, getting the job. The problem? She finds out soon enough that the owner, Robert Lancaster has some very peculiar tastes and habits, all of which were stated in the brick of a contract she couldn't read thanks to her dyslexia (but still signed).
As you may have noticed, i forgoed my heat rating because of the troubles i had - but let me tell you that it was hot. My troubles? While i love fiction, i also love it more when there's realism in it and i didn't feel it when Robert and Melly were having as much 'dirty fun' as they did. For a historic area to be visiting, they sure were getting away with a whole lot lof business i'm sure cameras would catch if people were doing their jobs, no matter how discreet they were trying to be. Another small part that bothered me was Melissa's and Curtis' conversation - at one point he tells Melissa that he (and his age is around 60) and his wife have a 20 years gap difference and have been married for the past 40 years. Now, here's where I could be VERY wrong, but considering that the conversation was centered on the fact that Mr Lancaster was and is older than Melissa, I'm just hoping that Curtis' wife is the one that is older in this section.
That being said, here's what i loved - Cassandra Dee absolutely had my head spinning with the fact that we all have our special blend of kinks and she had me exploring a new avenue (not one I'd do honestly, but I love hearing about new ones). I loved how Melissa was allowed to discover the child like aspect she never had the opportunity to do, and without fear of judgment. Cassandra Dee also showed another facet of Dd/lg that i don't often visit and put it up front clearly - age is just a number, not a fact!
Curiosity kept my attention all the way to the end, and i firmly believe that everyone is allowed to indulge in their very own kinks and fantasies, but Daddy's Pretty Baby is one read that kept me on the fence much longer than i would have liked.

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