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Dirty Racing by Haley Monroe


Every ‘little’ dreams of when her Daddy will take her out of the bedroom to play more exciting games and I’m no different. I very much enjoy submitting to my new Daddy Dom’s every whim, but when he takes me out to the race track for a day of fast cars and dirty racing, nothing beats the high I get from serving him in public.
But Daddy only rewards good girls, can I please him enough to earn my own special reward?

*Content Warning*
This is a short but dirty novella about a Daddy Dom taking his little girl on an adventure to the race track. If BDSM play containing DD/lg offends you, please do not purchase this book. However, if you like playful submission between consenting adults including but not limited to public sex acts, multiple partners, spanking, and anal play, then by all means, come join us!

*Bonus Content- At the end of this short, you'll find first chapter previews of "A Daddy for Valentine's" as well as "A Daddy for Christmas."

Dirty Racing: A DD/LG Outing Dirty Racing: A DD/LG Outing by Haley Monroe
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Title: Dirty Racing
Author: Haley Monroe

I'm not sure if there's anything that Haley Monroe could have done to make Dirty Racing any better. It's a short read describing Brynn and Richard's day that the race tracks. True to her fashion, Haley Monroe takes the time to describe what a Dd/lg relationship is and why it can be so attractive - hence Brynn meeting Richard's friends and having to follow specific instructions if she doesn't want her punishment to be extended a few more days. Although the commands are quite simple, for an overly stimulated Brynn, they seem almost impossible.


I won't lie - after reading this, the first thought that came to mind was: 'where the hell is my Daddy Dom?!?!' These two were amazing together and i loved watching them go about their outing and satisfy their desires. I loved seeing Brynn's fantasies come to life while Richard too into consideration her fears and comfort. It was sweet, sexy and at times bratty all wrapped into one single story! Another great release by Haley Monroe and I look forward to her next release.

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