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Dissolute Resorts: Lilly's Turn by J. Richards


Evie parks has been invited to Dissolute Resorts, Denver by the sexy owner, Darius Williams, himself. The flight from New Hampshire to Colorado is a long one for her two best friends, Lilly and Jimmy, who are tagging along. Evie may get her fill of intimate moments when they arrive at their destination but for now its Lilly’s turn.
We all know vacation sex doesn’t count for Lilly Mcabe and what better way to start off a fun weekend, than to renew her mile-high membership with the sexy business man in the first class seats behind her?

Dissolute Resorts Mile High Club : Lilly's Turn Dissolute Resorts Mile High Club : Lilly's Turn by J. Richards
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Title: Dissolute Resorts: Lilly's Turn
Author: J Richards

Anyone who has read the previous novels in the Dissolute Resort series knows who Lilly is. She's Evie's best friend, who although she has great intentions, is so full of life that she doesn't shy from pushing all of your buttons and past your comfort zone. So it's no surprise that when she's off to do her own thing, you just can't help but be insanely curious to get to know her; to get in her head and find out exactly what she's thinking. I know i was, and to read Dissolute Resorts: Lilly's Turn, i almost gushed out in complete nerdom. Wait, i think i did. More than once. My only regret is that it was so short - i believe i read this book in less than an hour, not only because of the number of pages, but it was also THAT good.

It's through this book that you finally get to know what goes on in Lilly's head, really get to know what she thinks, and boy is she a treat. Just as you get a feeling of what and who she is through Evie's eyes, inside her mind, it's not that much different, although you do get to know why she does what she does. And it's refreshing. This is a girl that loves life. Loves to live it to the fullest and doesn't apologize for it. Lilly is sexy and uses it to her advantage, but at the same time, she doesn't throw it in your face. I absolutely enjoyed going back to the plane ride to Denver and find out what happens between her and the mystery man in that small stall of a bathroom. Heck, as hot as these two were, i'm almost hoping, even if she swears that vacation s€x doesn't count, that they get together once again. That Lilly finally finds her match considering that her 'husband' is batting for the other team. If nothing else, J Richards absolutely knows how to make you want more and debate whether or not you should shamelessly beg for more of this girl that has you shaking your head in amazement at the things that come out of her mouth.

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