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Dragon Blues by Ophelia Bell

Even immortal dragons can have crazy exes.

Three thousand years ago, immortal blue dragon Belah and her old lover took their kinks just a step too far, and she's been trying to get over it ever since. The problem is that her ex is still out there wreaking havoc on her world, while Belah spent the last three millennia in hiding.

With her race's world changing, it's time for Belah to show her face again. Finding a new mate should be easy for a dragon as powerful as her, but "baggage" is an understatement when your ex is your race's mortal enemy, and he's just let you know he wants you back.

Determined to move on, Belah finds Lukas and Iszak North--not one, but two gorgeous, musically talented, and especially kinky brothers from one of the dragons' sister races. The pair are perfect for Belah. Their race of falcon shifters mate for life--one look at Belah, and both North brothers know she's their One. The problem is, they have baggage of their own, and Belah's old lover is at the center of it. The brothers can't help but love her in spite of her past, and when Belah answers their mating call and gives herself to them completely, they would do anything to keep her, even forgive her connection to their enemy.

When Belah's old lover calls in a promise, she and her new mates learn there is more at stake than love, and it might take more than fancy knots and an adeptly wielded whip to find true happiness.

I only wish that Dragon Blues was longer. It went by so quickly that if felt as though I barely had time to breathe. Having read Dragon Betrayed before hand, I was easily able to situate myself in the history of the dragons and the war that exists between those in Dragon Blues. Ophelia Bell, like I've mentioned more than once, knows her dragon shifters and she absolutely does them justice as she spares no details on their sensuality and ability to love and mate. I loved how the story of Belah's attempt to find her mate after centuries in hiding and meets brothers of another dragon race who are more than willing to scream out their mating call.

Beautiful, stunning, sensual and erotic are only some of the words that I'd use to describe these relationships. They are undeniably hot and can't be ignored. There's a great balance between the drama, action, romance and even the paranormal, making this one great novel that I'd read more than once, simply to revisit these dragons and their world.

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