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Falling For My Dad's Best Friend by Cassandra Dee

Falling for My Dad's Best Friend

Mr. Parker is my dad’s best friend but the alpha male's eyes have been following me.

Mr. Parker is my dad’s buddy from way back when. They do everything together, poker games, playing tennis, and taking us on family vacations. And when my parents invited Mr. Parker to the cabin for a weekend, it was perfect, I couldn’t have been more excited to see the handsome male.

But something’s different this year.

Because Mr. Parker has been watching me.

His eyes trail my curves, wandering over the hills and valleys.

And last time I caught him, he didn’t look away!

Is that wrong? But if so, then why do I feel so tingly inside?

Warning: This is a sexy, smutty romance about a May December couple. Guaranteed HEA. For a limited time, this edition includes the bonus novel Triple Princes.

Falling for My Dad's Best Friend Falling for My Dad's Best Friend by Cassandra Dee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Falling For My Dad's Best Friend
Author: Cassandra Dee

This is the second book that I read by Cassandra Dee, the first being Daddy's Pretty Girl, and I have to admit that I managed to read about 90% of the novel before stopping; the reasons why, I'll explain later. Mandy is 18 and still a virgin, fighting with her own sexuality since her self confidence is pretty low because of her size. For so long she's had a crush on her dad's best friend, never wanting to act on it because not only has he been in her life ever since her birth, but she couldn't handle rejection if that was his choice. What she doesn't expect is that Robert has been lusting after her for years and for the past year has kept his distance to protect her virtue. But when they meet at the cottage, finish g out that Mandy's parents will be late, all bets are off as they give in to their attraction.

So let me make this clear, and I do say this often enough, i enjoy Dd/lg novels and a good erotic novel, so that wasn't the problem with Falling fair My Dad's Best Friend. I did see some similarities with this book to Daddy's Pretty Girl, such as using semen as a special sauce for food (and I'm almost sure that this was a every so often kind of kink and not an all the time one for Mandy and Robert), which makes it easier for me to relate to not only the author and her writing style, but an extent, with the characters. It was an incredibly sexy book ~ no holds were barred when it came to the more intimate scenes and even their dynamic, so you know that the feelings were general between these two.

So here's where it made me stop and simply turn to another book ~ for me, a legal adult is a person aged 18 and older, no matter their maturity level (of course, there are some exceptions, but in this case, littles aren't considered in this aspect as they are fully functioning individuals even with their child like personalities). Too often, Mandy was described as the sexual teen - TEEN! It became too much after a time. If there's one thing that totally turns me off, it's teen porn or any sexual activities that includes teens and children, no matter if they're portrayed as such. Because Cassandra Dee kept describing Mandy as such, it's ALL I saw. A young teen being seduced by a man that should know better (and yes, I KNOW that wasn't the case, but that's how I began to perceive it as I kept reading). It became unattractive; personally, I'd prefer to know a character who is young as being a young woman or, in this case, the little or even Daddy's little girl, which may have been more aptly nicknamed. Their pet names for one another began to be more if a distraction than I would have liked, frustrating me more than I care to admit and made it so that I couldn't finish the entire book.

That isn't to say that I didn't like the premise of the story, because I did, I truly do like older men/younger girl stories as well as Dd/lg themes, but Falling For My Dad's Best Friend just had too much that distracted me to really get into it, connect with the characters and really liking the story. Considering the themes and the premise, that's why I gave it a 4 star rating rather than not at all or an even lower rating.

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