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Her Betrayal by J Richards

It’s the age old story of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl…
Girl breaks boy’s heart by doing something sneaky, although with innocent intent, that goes horribly wrong.
She does something terrible, and then something worse, in a foolish attempt to keep the terrible thing hidden. Now she’s neck deep in an awful mess with no shovel to dig herself out.
This is the story of Her Betrayal.

**Content Warning**
Includes graphic sexual situations intended for mature audiences only! Cheating/blackmail are a part of the plot, if this bothers you in anyway (I'll understand if it does) Please do not read any farther. However, if you can push through, I am sure you will enjoy it.

"I'm too exhausted tonight , Sunshine. Listen to my heart beat as we sleep and know that it beats only for you."

It first read as a fairy tale - the story of a Marine who met the girl who he claimed as his own from the moment he head her laugh and felt her innocence. Ella had never met a man that caught her attention until she came across Kelly, a man on a mission, and as much as she tried, she couldn't deny her feelings for him.

"You're such a good girl. My pure Sunshine. Open your legs for me sweet girl."

When the fairytale ended, the nightmare between this couple began - for Ella, what she hoped and what happened were nothing alike, but for Kelly, his good intentions just weren't always what was best for their relationship. The trials they go through will either make or break this young couple.
Reading Her Betrayal by J. Richards, I didn't know what to make of it at first - I felt like an outsider watching two individuals struggle with their own problems. Slowly but surely, as they (Ella and Kelly) figured out what they needed and then realized their mistakes, I felt less like an outsider but more of a cheerleader, desperately wanting the happily ever after. Different than what I had come to know from J Richards, Her Betrayal is still a book I'd easily recommend.

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