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Hostage of The Hitman by Alex Abbott


She needs to behave, or I’ll be forced to punish her.

Delaney Underwood is sexy as hell, with a killer body, wicked smile, and a spoiled rotten demeanor. She's a pampered rich girl, thinking she can get anything she wants, whenever she wants.

It pisses me off. I've struggled to survive, and I have the scars to prove it. Delaney’s going to make me a wealthy man, once her parents pay to get their precious angel back. I have no shame and I don’t give a fuck.

But every time I look at those sassy lips, I wanna put them to good use. Delaney has gotten under my skin and she knows it. Even before I took her hostage, she'd somehow managed to work her way into my blood, and my heart hammers harder in my chest every time she stares daggers in my direction.

She's craving someone like me in her life, whether she knows it or not, and with every bratty outburst, a part of me calls out to discipline her. She needs to be taught a lesson.

And I need her, all to myself. I promised to ransom her off, but once I have a taste of her sweet curves, I'm keeping her to myself.

She’s the hitman’s hostage and she’ll learn to love it.

A full length Standalone Romantic Suspense novel. No Cliffhangers. Safe from cheating. Explicit language & swearing.

I don't know what I expected when I picked up Alexis Abbott's Hostage of The Hitman, but the bright and spoiled daddy's girl and the mercurial hitman who decides she is a bit more captivating that she should be. The last thing I expected was to actually want to root for THE ultimate bad guy and as much as I would have wanted the spoiled princess Delaney to find a 'safer' man, Darios was just the right man capable of handling every aspect of this girl's personality. Her wit and cunning attitude drew me in, just as much as her supposed innocence had me rolling my eyes at some times, and Darios' dominating manners had me constantly second guessing his next moves as he was just as manipulative as his hostage. 

These two were the unexpected chemistry - I never would have thought to enjoy watching their unconventional relationship flourish considering the circumstances and yet it has. Hostage of The Hitman was the type of read that had me scratching my head wondering if liking this true Bad Boy was fitting. One thing is for certain, I can't wait to read more from Alexis Abbott since I was simply sucked into this world and thoroughly loved every moment of it (even with the guilty pleasures).

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