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Little Conspiracy by Lucy Wild


An innocent governess. A disgraced Lord. A dark secret.

Vanessa White has never met her benefactor but when his regular monthly payments to her landlord abruptly stop, she is thrown out of her house and left destitute. Offered a place at a private school, Vanessa accepts but when she arrives, she discovers she must enroll as one of the headmaster's littles and accept whatever disciplinary measures the establishment sees fit.

When Nathaniel Crow finds Vanessa waiting for him at his school, it only takes one look at her innocent beauty for him to fall for her, an action that soon threatens to destroy them both.

When a stranger returns to claim Vanessa and ruin Nathaniel, he finds himself forced to take extreme measures to keep his little girl safe, whether she wants him to or not.

DISCLAIMER: This book includes the spanking of adult women, explicit sexual scenes including anal play, and elements of age-play and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Little Conspiracy Little Conspiracy by Lucy Wild
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Little Conspiracy
Author: Lucy Wild


Historical romances were my go to genre many years ago until I came across erotic romances and BDSM (dark romances) genres. It feels so long ago that when I found Little Conspiracy by Lucy Wild that reunites erotic, BDSM and historical genres, I was instantly curious to find out how it would be possible. The story about Vanessa, a young woman on her own in London, has a benefactor with a secret on why he's helping her, paying for all her desires until she's thrown out on the streets. Meeting Nathaniel, she decides to stay at a school that would allow her to relive her childhood while learning the joys and pleasures of being a woman and a little.


There is no doubt that this is absolutely a stimulating read - the kind of novel that will make you look at schools for young women in a new light, and make you wonder just how often all those toys we often see in specialty adults stores were used in centuries past. Mr Crow (Nathaniel) and Vanessa were a duo that I often wondered how they could work out together but as the story unfolded, it became a bit clearer. I did however wonder - if Vanessa was truly a virgin, and never had intimate relations, how is it that with the nurse or Mr Crow was she without reservations? That is, of course, considering the mindset of women in history. That being said, I still enjoyed the story and do look forward to more from Lucy Wild.

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