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A Man of Character by Margaret Locke

What would you do if you discovered the men you were dating were fictional characters you'd created long ago?

Thirty-five-year-old Catherine Schreiber has shelved love for good. Keeping her ailing bookstore afloat takes all her time, and she’s perfectly fine with that. So when several men ask her out in short order, she’s not sure what to do…especially since something about them seems eerily familiar.

Caught between fantasy and reality, Cat must decide which—or whom—she wants more.

Blending humor with unusual twists, including a magical manuscript, a computer scientist in shining armor, and even a Regency ball, A Man of Character tells a story not only of love, but also of the lengths we'll go for friendship, self-discovery, and second chances.

This is my first novel by Margaret Locke and I have to say that A Man of Character was the perfect starter! Who could refuse the idea that you could have your very own book boyfriend in the flesh? I know I couldn't and having the chance to read about Catherine and Eliza's adventure as they meet the men Catherine had created so many years ago was a beautiful storyline and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. It was an easy read that allowed me to simply ride the joyful train of hopes and dreams come true (as corny as it may sound).

The men are undeniably sexy as heck and the fact that our main character is older makes it that much more captivating - mostly because so few novels I've read so far include a female lead that is past their mid thirties. The relationships, even though I knew the men were originally a figment of an imagination, were what I would have looked forward if I had the same opportunity. Being the first novel in the series, A Man of Character was what I could hope for and I can't wait to read the rest of the series to find out more about the characters and the author.

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