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School of Hard Knox by Asher Scott

Sometimes in life you have to say "f*ck it" and put it all on the line.

From the first second, I knew she wanted to f*ck me. She sure didn't disappoint.

Then I find out she's more than just some smoking hot play toy to get me off.

She's the daughter of the Don.

Vanna Fabrizzi. Her gorgeous, jet black hair, and those intoxicating, dark eyes that beg me to set her free. I want her luscious lips wrapped around my c*ck, then screaming my name as I fill her completely.

First, I need to earn the right to be with her. I'll do whatever it takes until she's mine.

She gets in trouble with a rival family. I was supposed to be protecting her.

I need to find her, and I'll kill any man who tries to stop me.

Stay out of my way, sh*t's about to get messy.

Vanna will be mine again.

At any cost.

School of Hard Knox, is a mafia short read with panty-soaking steamy encounters between an alpha bad boy and a mafia princess, and enough action and suspense to have you begging for more. Knox is a real thriller with an HEA ending, and dark mob themes.

It had it all: sexiness, alpha males, drama, and so much "I'm not taking anyone's crap" that it was the type of read that you can't pass up on. School Of Hard Knox by Asher Schott was exactly what I wanted from a mafia romance genre with all the danger and enough testosterone to make any person want to take more than a few breaks to recuperate and cool down. With Knox, the foot soldier, you get nothing less than what you see - he's a hard man who will not accept any one taking what is his, and that happens to be the Don's daughter, Viviane.

This couple technically shouldn't have been able to work out because of their statuses within the mafia family and yet they defeated all the odds when their feelings for on another were stronger than any realized. I enjoyed this story and Asher Scott's take on the mafia romance genre and would absolutely read more from them in the future.

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