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Sin City Billionaire by Charlotte Byrd

WARNING: Alpha billionaire and Hot and Steamy scenes that will make you blush!

Sebastian Taylor is a cocky and self-indulgent billionaire who owns one of the hottest casinos in Vegas. He loves women, but he DOES NOT believe in love. Oh yeah, and he also doesn't apologize for anything.

Enter Jane. She's designing the casino's social media campaign. She couldn't be more plain. She's pretty, yes, but not model-hot like Sebastian's used to. And yet, there's something about her. He can't stop thinking about her.
But Jane doesn't want him. At least, she's acting that way. and Sebastian will do anything to make her beg...

If nothing else, surprised is what I felt when I read Sin City Billionaire by Charlotte Byrd. How would a self proclaimed man$lut and arrogant manipulator convince a girl who had her heart broken by a cheating liar that he only has eyes for her? That was the dilemma that Sebastien was faced when he met Jane, the new hiree at his casino. Jane is the typical woman; klutzy, hurt and willing to work hard for what she wants and I loved her personality. Sebastien... our dear Sebastien has his work cut out for him considering his past. And what a past it is! I'm not sure I could blame him for using his 'talents' to get women into bed and being proud of it; although it did get me frustrated when I glimpsed his arrogance and his disdain over that he did and that happened often enough.

I loved the fact that these two were intelligent and didn't hide it. They used their intelligence to better themselves. They were relatable, which I find rarer in many characters, and I saw bits of them in myself. I hadn't expected to see a man drastically change himself and I loved watching their journey from start to finish. This was another great read by Charlotte Byrd and I can't wait for the next!

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