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Sold by Natalia Banks


Kerri Abernathy is an out-of-work scream queen still guilty over her rising-star husband’s self-destruction a year earlier. And he’s left her heavily in debt, to the government and to the mob. Her only way out is a bizarre underground auction where billionaires rent sex slaves for the weekend. Kerri meets Harden Steele and a sexual odyssey begins which will change both of their lives forever. Control, mastery, even bondage begin to reshape Kerri’s way of thinking and her way of life. But outside forces are closing in on Kerri, and even Harden’s vast power cannot protect her. Will Kerri’s past destroy her future? Will she survive and win the love of her life, or lose both? A SUPER hot first novel in a series that will keep you on the edge of your seat craving for more!
Caution: Steamy romance intended for mature audiences

SOLD: Auctioned to the Billionaire SOLD: Auctioned to the Billionaire by Natalia Banks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Sold
Author: Natalia Banks

It's the first time that i read a novel by Natalia Banks and Sold was quite a surprise. Telling the story of widowed Kerri, a retired Hollywood B-movie actress, and Harden Steele, mogul and assistant director with connections no one could have guessed. A year after the death of her husband, and i do use that term loosely, Kerri is learning about the troubles he had left her and she finds no other alternative than to sell herself in a private auction to make up the amounts owed to many. Bought by Harden Steele, she lets herself feel desire, to learn what control is and that attachments are made when you least expect it. Knowing that their time together is only temporary , Kerri will have to decide whether or not she should fight for more.


Together, these two were hot - Harden is used to taking control and Kerri is more than willing to let him take it. He's more than wanting to push her past her limits and then make her feel pleasure like she's never felt before. Natalia Banks wrote a story that was full of pleasure, love, suspense and mystery that makes me impatient for the next instalment of the series to find out what happens to this couple.

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