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Stud by Demi Craig

I nearly got f**ked by my ex-stepbrother, Daniel.

I didn't even know it was him.

Daniel now has it all. Rock-hard abs, a gorgeous, chiseled face, and a smile to die for. He is also arrogant, cocky and domineering.

Like all bad boys really.

The complete opposite of the nerdy BFF he used to be.

I should hate him. He should hate me.

The last time I saw him was during the fight. Back when we were stupid teenagers.

Despite that, Daniel still has his eyes set on me.

This time I cannot resist.

Daniel is now a stud. Just the way I like it.

So why do I miss the old him so much?

Stud is a standalone novel. It contains graphic sexual content and harsh language. It is only appropriate for adult readers of age 18 and over.

A few of my guilty pleasures include stepbrother romances - there's just something about the genre that allows the author to let their imagination run free and make the couple do just about anything. Demi Craig  has taken Daniel and Hayley and created the perfect brother/sister duo because let's face it - siblings, no matter how old they are, are always up to annoy one another to the very end, no matter how childish it may be. The last time this duo saw one another they left each other under less than ideal circumstances and to say things are awkward when they meet up later would be an understatement - once again trying to deny their feelings for each other as their parents try to rekindle their love.

As much as watching their story unfold was  captivating, I have to admit that Daniel and Hayley really know how to push each other's buttons to the point where you wonder if they'll ever be able to find their middle ground and begin to work on their happily ever after. Demi Craig does, however, know how to spin a story that will keep readers captivated to find out how it ends. I enjoyed the storyline, even with its frustrations, and I would absolutely read her other books.

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