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Are You Witchin' Kiddin Me? by Laurell Emily Grey



Three friends. Three Witches. Three freakin’ stories.

Our first story starts with Bethany, Laura, and Raine as they go back to the house for a little slumber party. Dancing and drinking. Falling on their asses. Drinking some more. Girl talk. Did I mention drinking? Giggling. Casting a spell.
You know, the usual when Witches get wasted.
What could happen?

Bethany, an earth Wiccan with luscious curves, is harboring a tragic past. One with her parents and the wolves, the other with an ex. She cringes thinking about her ex; he’s the reason she left the BDSM lifestyle. However, a night out with the girls turns from fun to serious. She is suddenly drawn to a hunky Alpha werewolf who is unlike any man she’s ever met.

Wesley, the charming hot Alpha, has been waiting for years to be with his one and only mate. Once he rushes out to rescue her from a demon, there’s no going back. He can’t let her go, not now, not ever. He’ll do anything to keep Bethany safe and claim her as his mate. Love her. Hold her. Dominate her, the way she was meant to be, proving that there is a reason she needs to come back to BDSM.
She needs her true Master.

Stuck together in a life-threatening situation, there are only two options for Bethany and Wesley. To stay and let the demon find them or run.

And even though there is a demon on the loose, their fates are in the balance, the passion between these two lovers is so dangerously hot; neither of them can resist it.

Are You Witchin' Kidding Me? (Paranormal Erotic Romance) by Laurell Emily Grey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: Are You Witchin’ Kidding Me?
Author: Laurell-Emily Grey

I love meeting or rather, reading, new authors. I love discovering what they have to offer and especially, love seeing into the depths of their imagination. Nothing is kre true than when you capture a paranormal novel and all bets are off - there are so many possibilities on how the story can unfold, the talents the characters may or may not have. Laurell-Emily Grey is one of the newest authors i’ve discovered and her latest release, Are You Witchin’ Kidding Me? just gave me a better idea of what to expect from her in the future - and what a future i’m looking forward to. It’s the story of three witches, three friends who get together for an evening in each other’s company and of course, of drinking (who wouldn’t want that? ;) ). The more they drink, the more their ability to think straight goes out the window and they decide to cast a spell; one that they had no idea would have such an important impact on their lives in ways they never imagined.

Each and every girl has a different story to tell, and each one of them touched me in ways I never could have imagined, and for that i’m not even sorry when the occasional tear fell from the corner of my eye. But once I got over it, wow. Laurell-Emily Grey absolutely knows how to write a story that both makes your heart hurt and then your heart race with a need for a big huge glass of water.  I loved to watch these girls find their own way in their relationships and especially beat their own demons, and to see the life in their eyes grow even bigger. For my first ride with this author, I loved it and I honestly can’t wait to read more from her!

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