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Cocky Duke by Sara Forbes



Two weeks touring art galleries in London—that's what my Uncle Stig promised. It was going to be a nice quiet trip with my favorite relative who also happens to be the US Ambassador to England. The only problem? It's a little too quiet. I crave something more than four o'clock tea and crumpets.

Which is how I end up at Jayvee's, a London nightclub. While my uncle discusses politics with diplomats, I'm on the other side of town, heating up the dance-floor. I capture the attention of Lord Fernborough and he corners me in the nightclub.

He's arrogant. Opinionated. And devastatingly handsome.

Just as I'm about to be swept off my feet by his icy blue eyes, he tells me how he insulted the US Ambassador on national TV. I return the favor by throwing my Cosmopolitan in his face.

No one disses my uncle.

His Grace (that’s how his employees refer to him) calls twenty-six times before I toss my phone in the Thames. I don’t care who he charmed to get my number. I don’t care if every muscle in my body thrums with lust within two seconds of meeting him.

The cocky duke can go to hell because I’m flying back to the West Coast at daybreak.

It’s not like he can stop the plane...

Cocky Duke is a 52,000-word contemporary romance novel with no cliffhanger ending.

Cocky Duke by Sara Forbes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Cocky Duke
Author: Sara Forbes

I had taken a chance on this book - I'll admit that the cover had grabbed my attention and then when I read the blurb, I knew that I had to read it to find out what would happen between the political princess and the cocky englishman. My curiosity was piqued and my attention absolutely captivated as I read along, laughing as Hayley and Alex's antics reach new heights every time they meet.

I loved how Sara Forbes made sure that these two characters were believable - they fought, teased and threw punches at one another that were all too familiar. Cocky Duke was a great surprise that I'm more than happy I read and i'd be more than happy to read more from this author in the future.

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